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Best online resources for kids

Today’s young learners are growing up with boundless opportunities to discover the world around them, online. For the generation dubbed ‘digital natives’, there’s no surprise that they will be more resourceful than ever, when it comes to finding information and applying it to their classroom learning and beyond. However with a range of sources to access with the click of a mouse, how do we guide them to focus their energy and attention on resources that are practical and high quality?

With so much choice comes the question of what’s right for your child. Here are 6 of the best online resources for children, that not only provide informed and engaging content for young students, but also offer handy resources for structured learning that can be guided from home.

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The value of mentorship for children

We know that children are impressionable, and model the behaviour they see from others around them, including parents, teachers, and their peers. As parents and educators, we try to demonstrate the best behaviour we can, while finding teachable moments in everyday life. Having role models outside of a child’s family unit is important, as diverse relationships with people from different backgrounds are beneficial to a child’s development. Mentoring is a way to connect young people with others who can guide, support, challenge, and encourage them. Though mentorship is primarily associated with career development in adults, there is benefit in establishing mentorship relationships in children too.

We have compiled five compelling reasons to get your children involved in mentorship, which can support their growth and development, and lead to greater confidence. Read on to learn more about the power of mentorship for children.

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How to decide on the right-fit high school for your child

Making the move to high school and choosing which school is the right fit is a big decision for you and your child. You will be faced with an overwhelming amount of ways to access information from school Open Days to enrolment tours - so which are most effective for providing a true view of the school’s day to day? With every engagement comes a weighing up of what factors matter most to you. Here are 7 tips to objectively assess a school from a range of insights, so that you can pave the next steps in your child's education with confidence.

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5 factors for choosing the right-fit school for your child

We all know that a school represents more than a uniform, and with a school comes community, a sense of identity and values that will carry a child through other chapters of life. While your child’s interests and dreams change over years, it’s impossible to match a school to your child today, and nor should you. What you can consider is; what factors represent a school’s values and will support your child in realising their greatest potential? When considering the characteristics of a school, whether it be primary or high school, we’ve provided 5 factors that can guide you as you consider the right-fit school for your child.

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Habit-building for high school and beyond

Approaching later primary school years can be a time of mixed emotions for students and their parents. Independence is emerging in the form of homework and study time, interest in specific subject areas might be developing, and ideas about the world and how to make a positive impact are surfacing.

But with these leaps of development can also come intimidation for what new systems of learning and expectations lie ahead when starting high school.

All of a sudden, class timetables are allocated, each class featuring a different group of students based on subject selection, and exams become a common hallmark of school term calendars, as do academic reports, student bell curves and international performance standards.

By working together with your child to build these 5 actions, habits can be formed now in time to start high school in the coming years, with confidence.

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