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Study skills to master maths

As children advance along their learning journey, maths can become more complex and challenging. It is essential for children to develop and master maths from a young age, to prepare them for the next stages of education. It is important to instil good study skills in our children so that they have the necessary tools and support needed to become proficient in maths, in and out of school. This blog explores 4 important study skills to foster in your child to help them master maths.

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Mastering numeracy basics at home

Mastery of numeracy basics is essential for children. Regardless of your child's age or ability level, there are boundless possibilities for them to practice maths in and outside the classroom. As parents, we have the opportunity to use everyday experiences and resources that can be found in and around our home to help our kids learn and master basic numeracy. Whether it’s getting them to give you a hand in the kitchen or playing board games, you can support your child’s learning through daily tasks and activities. Read on to discover 4 ways to help your child master numeracy basics at home.

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How maths tutoring helps

Learning maths doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Some maths concepts can feel overwhelming to students who lack confidence, which can cause mental limitations and a disinterest in learning maths. Given the importance of this foundational skill, changing attitudes towards learning maths is essential. Maths tutoring helps students to build confidence, removes limitations, and improves academic performance. Read on to discover the benefits of maths tutoring and how learning with NumberWorks’nWords can help reluctant students and budding mathematicians alike.

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Career pathways with maths

Mastery of maths concepts is crucial from an early age. There are many career pathways for maths enthusiasts, and as parents and educators, we want to expose our children to the endless opportunities available to them. Preparing your children and giving them the necessary tools to master maths will provide them with career opportunities in sectors you may not have considered. Your child may aspire to become a maths teacher, or they may want to work in the accountancy and finance sector. Read on to discover 3 career pathways that will employ your children’s math skills.

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Education pathways for maths enthusiasts

Maths is considered to be one of the most useful skills in life. As parents and educators, it is important for us to instil the foundations of maths early in children to set them up for success in life. Not only do we use maths in many aspects of life, but it offers endless possibilities and educational pathways for maths enthusiasts and for those who want to pursue a career in maths. Your child may have a passion for maths and want to pursue a study in engineering, or they may have a creative mindset and want to take on architecture. This blog explores 3 education pathways for maths enthusiasts. 

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