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4 benefits of reflection for children

Reflection is an important tool to empower children with, early in their lives. When encouraged to reflect, children build skills such as questioning, memory, investigating, explaining, and consideration. Reflection also helps children learn from their experiences, and develop their interpersonal skills. Learning the skill of reflection early in life helps set children up to become critical thinkers, who have the ability to learn from their achievements and mistakes. Reflection is a competency that is beneficial for children in both school and in life. This blog outlines 4 benefits of reflection for children - read on to learn more.

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School Holidays Learning for Children

Keeping children busy over the school holidays can be a challenge, especially if you are trying to occupy young ones in productive ways that support continuous learning. School holidays also mark the beginning of freedom and fun, and are an important part of a balanced school year. These breaks offer an ideal time to learn new skills and have hands-on experiences that help to develop young learners. Practical learning opportunities such as learning how to bake, playing new games, or learning how to ride a bike or boogie board can be found during these welcome breaks in the academic year. Read on to discover five educationally rich activities to keep children learning and building confidence during the school holidays.

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How to keep children reading over the Christmas break

School holidays are a welcome reprieve for children, and provide the perfect opportunity to rest and enjoy a slower, less structured pace of life. Being able to relax and forgo routine during school holidays gives children more freedom and time to explore their interests. This doesn’t mean that education stops, however, and there are plenty of ways to keep children on track with their learning during the Christmas break. Educational opportunities come in many different forms, and the school holidays allow children to discover new areas of interest and enjoy practical learning experiences. In the midst of the fun and celebrations during the Christmas season, it’s important to keep children reading, and developing their literacy skills. We have compiled a list of four ways to keep children reading over the Christmas break - read on the learn more.

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Combat the summer slide

The summer holidays are the light at the end of the tunnel for children who have been working hard at school all year. The much anticipated break in schooling arrives just in time for Christmas, and students pack their school books and stationery into their book bags for the last time for the year. Although it’s essential that children get a break from school during the summer, it’s also important to keep children learning over the break. To combat the summer slide, we have 4 ways to keep children learning throughout the school holidays.

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5 ways to make learning fun

The best way to keep children engaged in their learning is to make it fun. At NumberWorks’nWords, we know this, and incorporate fun into our maths and English tutoring. Children thrive in a supportive environment where they feel confident to take on new challenges and develop their skills. Providing this support and encouragement, while injecting fun into learning, helps children to develop a positive attitude towards education, which keeps them engaged and eager to progress as students. Our tuition model focuses on boosting confidence and results, while making learning a fun experience, that children enjoy. This blog outlines five ways to make learning fun for children.

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