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5 ways to take the stress out of school work

As children progress through primary school and approach the start of high school, a common theme that emerges among parents is the noticeable increase in homework. Anxiety can quickly ripple through the home as children resist what can feel like a daily chore, while parents start to question, can this be avoided? One certainty is that homework will continue to be a common part of the school experience, with some teachers focusing on building effective work habits and others emphasising mastery of content covered in class. As parents attempt to juggle a range of tactics in the hope to keep on top of teacher expectations and the curriculum, we’re here to lend some guidance! Here are 5 strategies designed for parents to help take the stress out of school work.

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4 Benefits of Recommended Reading Lists

For those of us lucky to have been introduced to the power of reading, we know that it can ignite a child’s curiosity and imagination, as well as lead them to develop empathy for others and an understanding of the world around them. Stories invite children to picture themselves in the same shoes as the characters they learn about. They can also hone a child’s comprehension skills, as they retell their favourite parts, try out new vocabulary and build on knowledge from other books.

At NumberWorks’nWords centres, our expert tutors and centre managers recommend reading lists based on the abilities and interests of each child. If you are looking for a recommended reading list for your children, check out these book lists by age.


As we celebrate international literacy day, we highlight the 4 ways a recommended reading list can spark a lifelong love of reading and help them to develop essential skills that will support them through life.


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5 iconic features of the NumberWorks'nWords English program experience

The way each student learns is vastly different, however from supporting thousands of students to learn through the NumberWorks’nWords programs, what they repeatedly respond to and enjoy can often be remarkably similar. With what has been observed and refined over three decades of centre-based tuition and from constant feedback from the professional team of educators who lead the programs across our centres, we have today, an iconic English program that boosts a child’s progress in reading, writing, and overall, introduces them to a real joy in learning.

As families today continue to refer to the well-established traditions within a NumberWorks’nWords centre as a signature experience that their children continue to love, we’ve taken time to list the 5 most iconic ways students experience a love of reading and writing and a boost in their literacy skills to last well beyond the centre.

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5 Museums to Spark a Love of Learning

So many learning opportunities can come from new sensory experiences and the art of exploration. Immersing children in whole new worlds can open their minds up to creative thinking that transcends beyond the classroom. While free time to visit museums might be limited with school classes back in session or with some learning from home amidst lockdown measures, there are a range of creative ways inspired by museums, to boost a child’s interaction with a broad spectrum of subject areas that will leave a lasting, positive impact in the years to come.

Here are 5 types of museums to link the joy of learning to discovery.

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5 ways to encourage your child to enjoy their learning from home

We have long known that when children receive encouragement and motivation in the right way from teachers, coaches and mentors, their confidence can soar. But how does a parent learn all of the techniques that professionals whose job it is to help children to achieve their best, have been mastering for years? With so many families shifting to home-based learning as school classes continue to be disrupted, we’ve compiled a list that can guide you to confidently lead your child to developing a love of learning, with invaluable attributes like persistence and grit along the way.

Here are 5 ways to encourage your child to enjoy their learning from home. In time, you’ll notice how a feeling of self-belief brings a whole range of benefits, including self-driven learning.

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