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NumberWorks'nWords maths and English tutoring gives children a love of learning

Hear Marjolein explain how having her children at NumberWorks’nWords maths and English tutoring has given them a love of learning, while working alongside what they are learning at school. Tutoring at NumberWorks’nWords has given the girls confidence to turn “I can’t” into “I can”.

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Lucinda video

Experience a comfortable and friendly learning environment

Lucinda, a NumberWorks’nWords maths pupil, tells us how she feels comfortable asking questions. NumberWorks’nWords maths tutoring has made the transition from middle school maths to high school maths seamless, while she works alongside tutors who she can relate to.

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Miggy video

Tutoring in an environment where children can focus

Meet Miguel, a new pupil to NumberWorks’nWords maths and English tutoring. Hear how he loves maths and how he can learn and focus during a NumberWorks’nWords maths lesson.

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Tailored tuition that delivers great results.

  • Expert tuition that builds confidence, changes attitudes and delivers results
  • Individual plans are tailored to meet the learning needs of students 5 - 16 years
  • Tutoring plans complement schoolwork and follow the school curriculum
  • Tutors are fully trained and experts in their field
  • Progress is monitored and regular reports show how your child is improving
  • Specific catch-up, extension or exam preparation tuition
  • Every student works towards agreed personal goals
  • 35+ years dedicated to perfecting our methods for successful tutoring services

To tutor or not to tutor?

Are you still umming and ahhing about whether tutoring is necessary? We have the facts you need to know.

Help me decide

I would highly recommend NumberWorks'nWords to any parent looking for a tuition centre that will make a difference to their child's learning. I signed my daughter up at the beginning of Year 3 when I noticed she was struggling in certain areas. I started off with English, and Geraldine worked with her solidly for that academic year, and by the end of Year 3, my daughter was 'working at greater depth' in her English. I decided to sign her up for maths at the beginning of Year 4 and yet again, Mahmood was able to shift her from 'working at age expectations' to 'working at greater depth' by the end of Year 4.! I'll never forget the immense joy I felt when I received her end-of-year school report! It has been a rewarding journey, and the learning styles that they apply at the centre are fun and child-friendly. My daughter absolutely loves it and is always looking forward to tuition, believe it or not! Geraldine and Mahmood have been amazing and have made a significant difference in my daughter's learning.

— Syl

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A NumberWorks’nWords assessment for English and/or Maths will provide you with valuable insight into how your child is progressing.

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Interested in running your own tutoring business?

You can work for yourself, make a difference to children’s lives, improve your earning potential and still have time for your other interests. Our full- time tutoring centre business model has been proven successful over and over again, in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom.

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