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Has your child’s schooling become mainly online, amidst the coronavirus outbreak? Well, if they have

Has your child’s schooling become mainly online, amidst the coronavirus outbreak? Well, if they have, you certainly aren’t alone.

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The difference between reading books and reading online

With the explosion of online reading, researchers, educators and parents around the world have become increasingly interested in how it compares to reading printed material. Early scientific research appeared inconclusive or contradictory. Subjectively, fans of e-readers (such as Kindle), loved the lightweight convenience and typically cheaper pricing for books. At the same time, diehard bookworms continued to maintain that ‘you can’t beat turning the pages of a book’, because they loved the smell and feel of a ‘real’ book.

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The effects of bilingualism on learning

Most of the world’s population is bilingual or multilingual. In 2006, just over half of the people in Europe could speak more than one language and in Luxembourg it’s almost 99%. Back in 2001, the Associated Press reported that two-thirds of the world’s children are raised bilingual; since then most measures of bilingualism around the globe have been steadily rising.

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How to Develop Good Study Habits in Children

Most parents are keen to help their children develop good habits for life. So here are some tips from a few experts on why good study habits are important and how you can help your child develop them.

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Materialism in Children

Materialism is an attitude or personal value that places a lot of importance on money and the possession of things. How much is ‘a lot’ is a matter of opinion and will vary between families and cultures, based on their beliefs.

Materialism in children can become a problem when it’s out of balance with other values. In children it is often associated with low self-esteem and can lead to a downward spiral, as they seek to feel better about themselves by owning more desirable things.

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Helping your child to achieve academic success

Achieving academically depends on a wide range of factors. There’s a lot more to it than simply putting in hour after hour of homework and revision, and there’s certainly more to be gained from school than high test results. To help your child to acquire the knowledge and skills to do well in life, it’s best to consider their mental health, physical health and motivating interests.

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The Digital World and Family Life

Smartphones, computers, streaming TV, smart speakers and other internet connected devices are very much a part of today’s homes. So how do you maximise their benefits and minimise potential harm?

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Normalising anxiety

Children can feel anxious for all sorts of reasons and sometimes for no reason at all. If they don’t understand what‘s happening, it can be a frightening experience. The very thought of becoming anxious can be enough to trigger anxiety. Assuming there’s no real underlying danger, such as bullying, here are some tips from mental health experts to help your child take control.

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Girls and Stem

STEM for girls

If you have a young daughter, you’ll probably be aware of the industry-driven demand for more female representation in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). These fields offer well-paid stimulating careers that will change the world. So how do you encourage your daughter to keep her options open for a STEM career?

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There's more to reading than learning to read

It’s widely recognised that the best way to encourage your child to read is for them to see you reading. But you already know how to read, so you probably have better things to do, right? Well, it turns out that reading a book is good for you in all sorts of ways. So, to help you prioritise more personal reading time, here are some of the benefits you could enjoy and pass on to your child.

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