Territories for Sale

NumberWorks’nWords was established in 1984 and is one of the world’s longest-running tuition providers. With a proven model the franchise operation has expanded from New Zealand to include Australia and England. For those interested in owning a NumberWorks’nWords tutoring business, the options are opening a centre in a new area, or purchasing an established centre.

Established centres for sale

Buying an established centre can be a great investment and a chance to change your life and help others. Existing centres are those which franchisees are looking to sell. They often already have good student numbers, established brand identity and a strong reputation already built in a community by the existing franchisee.


BALWYN (Melbourne)
BRIGHTON (Melbourne)


New Zealand


Territories for Sale

It’s our policy to offer new franchises in an area that can demographically support a full-time NumberWorks’nWords tutoring centre. Depending on availability and your preference, we can offer the territory that’s closest to where you live or the territory that has the most potential for success. With 35 years of experience and relevant demographic data, we’re in a good position to provide advice that will help you to choose a successful location. Once agreed, your territory is exclusive and protected for the life of the franchise agreement. To find out more download an information pack.

New territories are indicated below with a red marker, and existing territories are indicated with a yellow marker.