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How to keep children motivated

Helping our children reach milestones and achieve success are some of the most rewarding parts of being a parent or educator. Achievement and success requires effort, motivation, and determination, but sometimes children need that extra push to help them stay on track. The uncertainty caused by Covid-19, and the transition to remote learning can make it difficult for children to stay motivated. We know that children are amazingly resilient already, but as parents, we have the gift of motivating them to become their best possible self. Read on to discover four strategies for keeping your children motivated, focused, and on track with their learning.

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STEM role models for children

STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and maths) has become an integral part of education. Each STEM component brings valuable contribution to children’s education and learning experience. As educators, we want to inspire and encourage children to set and strive for ambitious goals, and towards careers they want to pursue. We know that children are impressionable and can be influenced by idols or leaders, so it is important to inspire them with STEM role models who they can look up to. We have compiled a list of four STEM role models to inspire children with the wonders of STEM education.

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How mentorship helps students succeed

Mentors serve as a support system for students on their academic journey, and help empower them to become autonomous learners. Mentors express understanding and empathy of students’ challenges, aspirations, and goals. Every student is different, as some require additional support, while others have the ability to confidently work independently. Mentorship can contribute to student success by motivating them, helping them explore educational and career opportunities, and fostering self-reflection. This blog explores how mentorship can help students succeed in their academic journey.

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Inspiring role models for students

Students are young and are still learning about life and the world they live in. They are impressionable and will imitate actions and things that impress them, which is why role models should be an integral and central part of each students’ learning experience and journey. For children, role models vary from parents and teachers, to celebrities and athletes. Whoever your child may look up to, it is important that they have someone they admire who inspires them to reach their full potential and overcome personal challenges. We have compiled a list of three inspiring role models for school students.

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The importance of good role models for students

Young learners look up to a variety of role models and adults, and it shapes how they behave, their relationships, and the decisions they make. For many children, the most important role models are their parents, teachers, and peers, while some are influenced by celebrities, athletes, and characters from TV or movies. Having a good role model is extremely important for students and their development. Role models inspire children to stay motivated, instil good behaviour, influence life decisions, and strive to achieve goals. This blog explores the importance of good role models for students.

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