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Inspiring role models for students

Students are young and are still learning about life and the world they live in. They are impressionable and will imitate actions and things that impress them, which is why role models should be an integral and central part of each students’ learning experience and journey. For children, role models vary from parents and teachers, to celebrities and athletes. Whoever your child may look up to, it is important that they have someone they admire who inspires them to reach their full potential and overcome personal challenges. We have compiled a list of three inspiring role models for school students.

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The importance of good role models for students

Young learners look up to a variety of role models and adults, and it shapes how they behave, their relationships, and the decisions they make. For many children, the most important role models are their parents, teachers, and peers, while some are influenced by celebrities, athletes, and characters from TV or movies. Having a good role model is extremely important for students and their development. Role models inspire children to stay motivated, instil good behaviour, influence life decisions, and strive to achieve goals. This blog explores the importance of good role models for students.

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Benefits of mentorship for students

Mentoring, at its core, provides students with guidance and direction throughout their learning journey. Mentors empower students to become autonomous and diligent learners. We know that children are impressionable and model the behaviour of the adults around them, which is why mentoring is beneficial to their academic journey. There are a breadth of benefits of having a mentor, primarily because they can provide educational support, encouragement, confidence, and feedback towards their learning and development. This blog explores 4 benefits of mentorship for students.

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Teaching children about money

As adults, we know the importance and value of money. Money and income influence where we live, what we eat, and every aspect of the lifestyles we lead. To children, money seems to grow on trees as they have a vague understanding of how parents buy food, clothing, and toys. Parents hold the weight of teaching their children the value of money. Whether you're teaching young children about money basics and saving vs. spending, or talking to young adults about credit cards and mortgages, there is no better time than the present to teach your child about money. This blog explores 3 important concepts to teach children the value of money.

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Top 5 STEM career pathways

STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and maths) encompasses many different fields and career pathways. With fast-paced technological advancements, there is certainly no lack of rewarding and in-demand STEM jobs available now and in the future. STEM-related careers can range from industries such as technology, to healthcare and business. It is important that we help children achieve their goals and ambitions, which is why it’s critical to support them through their learning journey. Read on to discover five fast-growing career pathways for STEM graduates. 

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