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Education pathways for literacy enthusiasts

English is an important subject for students of all ages, and is predoinant from when they first start school to the very end of their academic journey, and beyond. English as a subject allows students to develop literacy skills and proficiency in English, which are required for study and pursuing many career paths. As parents and educators, we want to highlight different educational pathways to our children and give them options to pursue their aspirations and dream careers. If your child is a literacy enthusiast, read on to discover 4 education pathways that may take your child’s interest. 

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Best devices for learning

Technology has enriched our lives with convenience, improved access to information, and revolutionised the way our children learn. With new devices constantly flooding the tech market, finding the right technology to enhance your child’s learning is more important than ever. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a device for your child depending on usage - whether they’re for personal entertainment, school homework, assignments, or online learning. It can be confusing when it comes to choosing a device that will best suit the needs of your child, which is why we have compiled a list of useful devices that you can consider purchasing for your child.

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Essential tech skills for children

Technology plays a huge role in our everyday lives. From the smartphones we use to get in contact with people and navigate around town, to the tablets and laptops we carry with us to store documents and facilitate our work, technology and devices are with us almost all the time. It is important that we help our children develop tech skills at a young age, as technology is ingrained into many aspects of our lives and can come in handy for online learning. We have compiled a list of essential tech skills to help your child develop and hone, which will benefit them beyond their schooling years. 

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Protecting children online

With technological advancements, children are spending more time online than ever before. Technology has become a huge part of our lives and our children’s learning, and it’s hard to imagine life without it. As parents, we want to protect our children in every way possible, including online. By understanding the risks associated with children using the Internet, we can reduce dangerous situations effectively. This blog explores 4 ways to protect your child online. 


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Harnessing educational technology for learning

Technology is transforming education, and the use of it in education has increased dramatically over recent years. Although traditional classroom teaching and learning methods are still prevalent, many schools and parents are now embracing technological learning tools. The way children learn in and outside of the classroom today provides an opportunity for a skilful blending of technology and traditional teaching methods. Educational technology is the effective use of tech tools in learning, which could include gamification, numerous types of media, and devices such as mobile phones, computers and tablets. This blog explores 3 important types of educational technology that you can help your child harness and incorporate into their learning. 

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