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What to expect from your first year of tuition?

Your first year of tuition can feel like a rollercoaster of successes and challenges. With every hump in your child’s development, comes a milestone just around the corner. At NumberWorks’nWords, we take the unique approach whereby confidence and a sense of achievement is fostered from their very first session at the centre. With our network of educators and highly trained tutors, we’ve supported hundreds of families on their journeys to developing essential English and maths skills, from day one to year one, two, three … and more! Read on to discover what to expect from your child’s very first encounters with tutoring to the end of your first year, and how to celebrate every sign of progress along the way.

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How to combat the COVID slide with a return to basics

Returning to the classroom can feel challenging after being away from the usual teaching … and especially if concerns are about falling behind with maths or English. For some students who have gone 13 weeks without their routine learning, the gap can represent an entire school term.

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5 Benefits of Face to Face Tutoring

Tuition programs come in a range of forms - a traditional pencil to paper method that is mostly home-based, a purely online program studied remotely, or a blended learning environment that incorporates learning online but within a centre, alongside other students and guided by expert tutors.

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Harnessing tech to improve your child’s lifelong learning

The way children learn in the classroom today presents an opportunity for a skilful blending of tech with traditional teaching methods. By harnessing features of online learning, students’ progress is easily tracked, feedback can be given instantly and teaching styles can be recorded, analysed and adapted further to suit the way their students learn. This approach has been perfected within NumberWorks’nWords centres and principles from this can be applied to children’s daily learning. Read on to learn how an encouraging environment using tech, is seeing students walk out of the centre feeling more motivated than ever.

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Art in everyday life - 4 ways to celebrate and develop creativity in children

Budding artists bring a spark of creativity to many of their pursuits. Seeing the world around them in a left-of-centre way, can also increase their critical thinking and problem solving skills. While developing the left brain’s ability to reason with logic, there are a range of reasons why activating the complementary side is worth equal attention.


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