3 ways to boost confidence in children

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Confidence is instrumental to a child’s learning and development. Children who are confident in themselves have the courage to try new things, feel proud of what they can achieve, and be resilient when coping with setbacks. Confidence is a key driver of success, which is why it is important for children to be confident in themselves and their abilities. As parents and educators, we know there are useful ways to help boost our children’s confidence and self-esteem. Read on to discover 3 ways you can help your child boost their confidence. 

1. Embrace imperfection

It’s perfectly fine to not be perfect. As much as we want our children to succeed, it is important to remember that success comes with challenges and setbacks. As parents, we have a natural tendency to protect our child from failure, however trial and error is how children learn. Instead of helping your child avoid failure and obstacles that come their way, help them see that everyone makes mistakes. Allow your child to fail and make mistakes, and most importantly, teach them to learn from it and to get back up and try again. This will help your child become a confident and resilient learner who isn’t afraid to fail and has the ability to take setbacks in their stride. 

2. Celebrate effort and success

Celebrating your child’s effort and success is a great way to give children a boost in confidence, as it shows them that their hard work is acknowledged. They are more than just feel-good moments, they are moments that can instil confidence and motivation, and nourish their growth. There are a variety of ways you can celebrate your child’s success, whether it’s through rewards, positive reinforcements, or daily recognition. By acknowledging our child’s accomplishments, it gives them confidence and motivation to take steps towards their goals and continue to strive for success.

3. Positive affirmation and praise

There is nothing more affirming than being told you’re doing well. Positive affirmations are simple, daily reminders that inspire and build confidence. Pay attention to what your child does well or enjoys and make sure you express how proud you are of them through positive praise or affirmations. It is just as important to focus on strengths as it is for weaknesses, so use these opportunities to help your child feel confident about themselves. For example, if your child achieves a good grade at school, you could say to them, “I am so proud of you and what you’ve achieved”. Affirmations and praise can help strengthen a child's self-esteem and nurture a positive mindset, by boosting their confidence in themselves and their ability to achieve goals


Confidence doesn’t always come easy. Some are naturally born with confidence, while others may need an extra boost. At NumberWorks'nWords ,we help young learners build confidence in themselves and their abilities to succeed in and out of school. Our fun and engaging maths and English tuition is personalised to each child’s learning style and needs. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your children build confidence and become resilient learners, by contacting your local centre or book a free assessment

Posted on 20/06/2022

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