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Celebrating Student Success

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Academic success looks different to every student. To some, success might look like winning an end of year award, and to others it might be passing every class, or getting a best-ever grade on a test or exam. Using strategies like goal-setting, habit-building, and motivation techniques can support students on their learning journeys, and set them up for success. The end of the school year is a natural time to celebrate student success, although it’s important to recognise accomplishments large and small throughout the year. As we approach the end of the year, we have some fun ways to celebrate success with your children. Read on to explore our top four ways to celebrate children’s academic achievements.

1. Awards & certificates

Even if your child doesn’t win the top award at the end of year prize giving, you can create an award for them, to honour their hard work and determination in achieving their goals. A certificate of achievement is a simple way of acknowledging and celebrating your child’s accomplishments throughout the year. Schools and tuition centres use certificates and awards to build confidence in students, and encourage them to continue striving towards excellence in their school work or tutoring program.

2. Praise & rewards

Children respond well to positive reinforcement. Praise helps to encourage children to repeat good behaviour, as they know they will be rewarded for it. Consider setting goals with rewards for achievement, and letting your child choose their reward. Rewards should align with the level of achievement and be appropriate for the child. Examples of motivating rewards include choosing a family activity such as a day out, a book or learning resource, money towards a savings goal, or a special meal with friends and family.

3. Daily recognition & healthy pride

Everyday is an opportunity to celebrate student success in small ways. Consider introducing a ‘pride poster’ to your household, where each child notes down an achievement from the day or week. You can review these as a family once a week, and celebrate the small successes your children have accomplished. Another option is to introduce a daily ritual where each family member comments on one thing they are proud of from the day. Encouraging children to focus on what they are proud of improves self-image and confidence, and helps children to cultivate gratitude towards themselves.

4. Academic star chart

Star charts famously motivate good behaviour and help keep children on top of their chores. Introducing an academic star chart is a great way to keep track of your child’s achievements, and motivate them to keep striving towards academic success. For each small achievement, present your child with a new star to add to their chart. When the chart has been filled up, they get a reward! Stars might be given for passing a spelling test, leveling up at tutoring, getting a certificate at school, completing their daily reading goal, or finishing their homework. Star charts act as extrinsic motivation and help students build momentum and confidence to take on bigger challenges.

Celebrations make hard work worthwhile. Help your children achieve their best academic results by making celebrating their success part of your family routine. If your child is struggling with school work and needs a boost, or is out-pacing their peers at school and needs to be challenged, get in touch with NumberWorks’nWords. Our success-based approach to tuition motivates students to achieve their best results, and builds confidence in young learners. We make celebrating success, through prizes, praise and recognition part of our approach to learning. Get in touch with your local centre to learn more, or book a free assessment today!

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