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Education pathways for maths enthusiasts

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Maths is considered to be one of the most useful skills in life. As parents and educators, it is important for us to instil the foundations of maths early in children to set them up for success in life. Not only do we use maths in many aspects of life, but it offers endless possibilities and educational pathways for maths enthusiasts and for those who want to pursue a career in maths. Your child may have a passion for maths and want to pursue a study in engineering, or they may have a creative mindset and want to take on architecture. This blog explores three education pathways for maths enthusiasts.

1. Engineering

There are a range of educational pathways for budding mathematicians. If your child is passionate about maths, educate them about the educational pathways they can take. Whether they’re a critical thinker or problem solver, engineering could be a good educational pathway for your child. Engineering offers a variety of fields to study, from mechanical to construction; your child may show an interest in either. To study in the field of engineering, proficient maths skills are required because engineers typically require a solid understanding of maths principles and concepts. The essential maths skills to study engineering should be part of your child’s curriculum, including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. Your child may end up surprising you by making a career out of their study in engineering!

2. Computer Science

Does your child have an interest in gaming or technology? The educational pathway of computer science may be of interest to them. In this case, maths is an important foundation that is required to study the field of computer science. Maths enables your child to build upon their abilities to analyse and think critically, which are both abstract skills that computer science relies on. The main concepts of maths that are relevant to study computer science include discrete maths, calculus, algebra, number theory, and graph theory. These concepts all contribute to the field of computer science, where it involves scientific computing, programming and analysing data. Help your child prepare for study and reach for their ambitions, and they may end up becoming a successful software developer or engineer!

3. Architecture

Children are full of ideas and creativity. As they grow up, they never fail to surprise and amaze us with their creativity and imagination. If you believe that your child has a creative mindset or is a creative thinker, the field of architecture could be a study interest to your child. To pursue an educational pathway in architecture, your child will need to be adept at maths. Fundamental concepts such as algebra, geometry and trigonometry are required to deal with the array of dimensions, quantities, area, volume and other geometrical relationships in architecture. If your child is struggling or finding these areas of maths difficult, don’t let that stop or restrict them from chasing their ambitions. After-school maths tutoring is a good way to help support your child by developing and enhancing the necessary skills required for this field of study, and boosts their confidence.

There are boundless possibilities and pathways for maths enthusiasts. Maths is an essential skill to have, as it is used in everyday life and helps our children initiate educational and career pathways. Help support your child’s learning aspirations by preparing them for advanced study and higher levels of education. At NumberWorks’nWords, we offer maths tuition for young learners aged 5 - 16. Get in touch with NumberWorks’nWords to find out how we can help your child develop the foundational skills they need to pursue their chosen educational pathway. To learn more about tutoring with us, contact your local centre, or book a free assessment today!



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