NCEA Tutoring

NCEA Tutoring

Are you concerned about your child’s NCEA maths progress and test performance?

At NumberWorks’nWords we understand how important NCEA maths exams are to a student’s future education and career choices. Our individualised tuition programmes are designed to identify and address any mathematics gaps, so children and their parents can feel more confident about NCEA study and assessment.

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  • What exactly is NCEA?

    NCEA stands for national certificates of educational achievement. Run by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), they provide national qualifications for senior secondary students in traditional curriculum subjects and alternative programs. In years 11 to 13, students usually progress through NCEA levels one to three. Skills and knowledge are assessed against standards. Internal (by a school’s teachers) and external assessments are used to measure how well students meet the standards and to award credits towards NCEA certificates. Credits gained can count towards more than one relevant certificate. High achievement is recognised with merit and excellence endorsements at each level.

  • Why are NCEA results so important these days?

    NCEA credits at levels 1 and 2 usually count towards pre-requisites, which are the minimum achievements a school requires you to have before studying a subject at a higher NCEA level. So you need to ensure you are studying and passing the pre-requisites for the subjects you might want to study at a higher level, both at school and beyond.

    In NCEA level 1 maths, the majority of numeracy credits will be gained by internal assessment throughout the year. Passing the internal assessments during the year is critical to getting the credits your child needs to pass level 1 maths. The end of year external exam, while still important, carries fewer credits than in previous years.
    NCEA qualifications are recognised by employers and used for selection by universities and polytechnics, both here and overseas. NCEA level 2 provides the foundation skills required for employment and includes minimum English and maths standards.

    The minimum requirement to enrol at a New Zealand university is called University Entrance or UE. In 2017, for example, this meant NCEA level 3 with 14 credits in each of three of the approved level 3 subjects, plus specific minimum literacy and numeracy requirements. However, each university programme or degree has its own entry requirements, which can be higher than UE and may include minimum credits in specific subjects.

  • What can parents do to help?

    During years 11 to 13, it’s important to maintain good communication with your child and their teachers about learning progress. This helps you identify minor problems early, so you can play a role in getting them resolved before they prevent further learning. You don’t have to be a subject expert or teacher, you just need to be a coach helping your child to set goals, overcome problems, find the right help and celebrate achievements. All students learn in bursts, it’s seldom a steady progression. Achieving their best, whatever that might be, requires realistic targets and bringing the right people in when support is needed.

  • How do you know if an NCEA maths tutor is required?

    A generation ago, school reports typically showed a percentage mark, sometimes a place in class and a brief comment. While that seemed easy to understand, it didn’t give you the more helpful level of detail most reports provide today. By reporting on progress against set criteria, there is greater clarity around what your child can and can’t do. Sometimes however, it can be difficult to interpret the statements and understand how well your child is tracking in terms of their future NCEA internal assessments and exam grades.

    At NumberWorks’nWords, we work alongside our local schools to understand their teaching and reporting methods. Our tutors are completely familiar with the English and maths national curricula and NCEA achievement standards.

    We can help you interpret a school report and we offer a free no-obligation assessment for your child with a trained educator. We’ll discuss the results with you both and make recommendations for next steps. We’ll also let your child try the NumberWorks’nWords approach with a free introductory lesson supported by one of our tutors

  • How far in advance should my child begin tutoring before taking the NCEA maths exam?

    How far you should plan in advance for the NCEA maths exam depends upon the specific needs of your child. At NumberWorks’nWords, we believe the best learning takes place when it is individualised. The NCEA exams take place during years 11-13, and as this is a critical period of your child’s schooling, it is best to start NCEA tutoring early. Underachieving students may benefit most by starting during year 10. If parents choose to start NCEA tutoring in year 11, our tutors can help prepare students for the exams alongside their current subject content. For the most accurate answer, we recommend your child completes our free assessment. Then we can build a more tailored NCEA tutoring plan for your child, based on their strengths and weaknesses. Take our free assessment and find out more about our fun, individualised tutoring, and see why we are one of the world’s longest-running tuition providers!

  • How does NCEA tutoring work with NumberWorks’nWords?

    NumberWorks’nWords offers tutoring for students ages 5-16 years, including NCEA tutoring. In order to ensure your child can reach NCEA achievement standards, our friendly tutors provide continuous feedback as your child studies past exam and practice papers. Your child’s first task will be completing our free assessment, which allows us to create a customised experience, complete with tutoring for both the NCEA maths and English exams. We can identify learning gaps and tailor instruction to help prepare for these exams. While we offer NCEA tutoring in Auckland, we also have numerous locations in New Zealand. To try our no-obligation assessments or learn more about our innovative tutoring programme you can reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

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If you are interested in NCEA tutoring for your child, book a free assessment today. We will personalise a learning programme to meet the needs of your child so they can achieve their potential. We also help students to practise past NCEA maths internal assessment and examination questions to develop confidence, speed and accuracy. Our students make progress because we offer a supportive environment with continuous feedback. 

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