ICAS Tutoring

ICAS Tutoring

Are you concerned about your child’s ICAS test performance?

At NumberWorks’nWords we understand that ICAS tests are often the first external exams that students sit, so they can be quite daunting. Nerves can prevent your child from concentrating and performing at their best. Our individualised tuition programs are designed to identify and address literacy and numeracy gaps, so children can feel more confident about sitting the ICAS tests. We can also help with any concerns you might have about the results.

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  • What exactly is ICAS?

    ICAS stands for International Competitions and Assessments for Schools. Run by the University of New South Wales for more than 30 years, it’s an optional skills-based assessment programme for primary and secondary students. All ICAS tests have a multiple choice answer format. They’re available in reading, writing, spelling, English, maths, science and digital technologies. Today, millions of students from more than 20 countries participate in ICAS each year.

  • Why are ICAS tests only offered at some schools?

    ICAS tests are not compulsory and many New Zealand schools don’t offer them to their students. The schools that do use ICAS tend to offer them to more able students only. It’s often seen as a chance for students to practise a formal external exam. If a student sits in more than one year, it can show their progress in the skills tested year on year. Some schools use it as part of their reporting each year, celebrating the external recognition of their high achievers.

  • What can ICAS results tell parents?

    The ICAS tests can give you and your child a measure of their achievement in a pen and paper external testing situation. The results also provide a comparison to the students who sat from the rest of their year level - not just within their school, but across the whole country.
    ICAS may also add to your understanding of your child’s strengths and weaknesses, within the skills tested. This may cause you to wonder whether after-school tutoring might be a good idea. We certainly welcome enquiries from parents who may be considering a private ICAS maths tutor or ICAS English tutor.

  • Do you need help with interpreting ICAS results or preparing for the tests?

    ICAS provides detailed individual reporting, in hard copy and online. Summary results are shown for every skill area in the tests your child sat. You can even get down to the detail of what answer your child chose for each question and what the correct answer was. For many parents the amount of information can be a bit overwhelming. Linking the ICAS skill areas back to specific topics in the New Zealand curriculum and knowing how to improve where it may be required can also be a challenge for children and their parents. We can help you interpret ICAS reports and we offer a free no-obligation maths and/or English assessment for your child with a trained educator. We’ll discuss the results with you and make recommendations for next steps, whether or not you choose to continue with us. We’ll also give your child a free introductory lesson so they can try some NumberWorks’nWords lessons supported by one of our tutors.

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If you are interested in ICAS tutoring for your child, book a free assessment today. We will address the gaps in your child’s learning by teaching the missing content. We also help students to practise past ICAS questions and develop confidence, speed and accuracy. Our students make progress because our programs are individually tailored to each student’s needs.

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