Cambridge Tutoring

Cambridge Tutoring

Are you concerned about your child’s preparation for Cambridge exams in English or maths?

Are you trying to decide whether they need lessons with a Cambridge maths tutor or English tutor? At NumberWorks’nWords we understand how important the Cambridge exams are to a student’s future education and career choices. Our individualised Cambridge tutoring programs are designed to identify and address any mathematics gaps, so you and your child can feel more confident about Cambridge study and assessment.

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  • What exactly is Cambridge?

    Cambridge is short for University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). It offers internationally recognised qualifications in academic and vocational subjects. While the organisation behind the exams is based in the UK, the CIE curriculum is not the same as the UK national curriculum. Cambridge schools in New Zealand tend to offer the CIE curriculum in Years 11 to 13. Assessment, which is standards based, includes external end-of-year examinations and in most subjects a component of CIE moderated practical tests, oral tests, portfolio work or coursework, depending on the subject. Year 11 students usually study for IGCSE qualifications in four to seven subjects.

  • Why are Cambridge results so important?

    Cambridge study provides good preparation for university and employment. As with any school qualification, your achievement at each stage sets the foundation for study at the next level. New Zealand studied Cambridge grades for AS and A Level subjects earn points towards qualifying for University Entrance in New Zealand and the often higher entry requirements for individual programmes at each university.

  • What can parents do to help?

    Maintaining open communication with your child and their teachers about learning progress is vitally important. It helps to identify minor problems early so they can be fixed before they prevent further learning. You don’t have to be a subject expert, you just need to be a coach helping your child to overcome obstacles, set priorities, find the right help and celebrate achievements. All students learn in bursts, it’s seldom a steady stream of plain sailing. Achieving their best, whatever that might be, requires clear goals and the right people to call on when support is required.

  • How do you know if Cambridge tutors are required?

    When we (today’s parents) went to school, our school reports generally showed a mark out of 100, sometimes a place in class, and a brief comment. Today schools tend to report on achievement against set criteria and try to include at least one tip on how your child could improve. Sometimes however, it can be difficult to interpret the statements and understand how well your child is tracking in terms of their future Cambridge exam grades.At NumberWorks’nWords, we work alongside our local schools to understand their teaching and reporting methods. Our tutors are completely familiar with the Cambridge maths curricula. We can help you interpret a school report and we offer a free no-obligation assessment for your child with a trained educator. We’ll discuss the results with you both and make recommendations for next steps, whether or not you choose to continue with us. We’ll also give your child a free introductory lesson so they can try some NumberWorks’nWords lessons supported by one of our Cambridge tutors.

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If you are interested in Cambridge tutoring for your child, book a free assessment today. We will personalise a tutoring program to help your child reach their potential. Our tutors also provide one-on-one advice on how to reduce stress and plan the most effective approach to examination study. This help includes practising past examination questions to develop confidence, speed and accuracy.

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