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5 Reasons Term 3 is More Important Than Ever

There is no denying the past few months of disrupted learning have left parents wondering where their child stands - have they maintained the same level of understanding, have essential skills slipped or has this been a chance to reinforce knowledge gaps?

As teacher reports were sent to families at the end of Term 2, parents pored over feedback, made plans to address concerns and set goals for their children to focus on, when returning to school.

With the start of Term 3 the halfway signal to the school year, many are considering this a turning point for students. Here are 5 reasons why Term 3 is more important than ever, and ways to make the most of a ‘reset’ when school returns.

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Jobs in 2030: Skills You Need Now to Land the Jobs of the Future

Do you remember what life was like before iPhones existed?
What about before Uber?
The internet?
Can you imagine actually having to look up a word in the dictionary?
Or going to the library to rent the latest edition of Harry Potter?
Probably not.

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School reports and interviews

No matter how well your child has been doing, school reports and parent/teacher interviews can be stressful for everyone in the family. If things haven’t gone well, or they’re just not quite as good as you expected, it’s important to avoid the blame game. The trick is to celebrate what has been achieved and focus attention on solutions to areas of weakness

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4 Steps to a Positive Parent-Teacher Relationship

Dive into our insightful blog that uncovers the essential steps to building positive parent-teacher relationships. Explore the transformative power of transparent communication, understanding roles, and fostering empathy in the educational journey. From productive parent-teacher meetings to setting realistic goals, our blog guides you through every aspect of this vital partnership. 

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Big Decision Time - Tips to Help With Choosing a New School

Changing schools and particularly making the move to High School is always a big decision for you and your child. You will be faced with a barrage of information from school Open Days to take in about the next step in your child's education.

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