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STEM role models for children

STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and maths) has become an integral part of education. Each STEM component brings valuable contribution to children’s education and learning experience. As educators, we want to inspire and encourage children to set and strive for ambitious goals, and towards careers they want to pursue. We know that children are impressionable and can be influenced by idols or leaders, so it is important to inspire them with STEM role models who they can look up to. We have compiled a list of four STEM role models to inspire children with the wonders of STEM education.

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Top 5 STEM career pathways

STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and maths) encompasses many different fields and career pathways. With fast-paced technological advancements, there is certainly no lack of rewarding and in-demand STEM jobs available now and in the future. STEM-related careers can range from industries such as technology, to healthcare and business. It is important that we help children achieve their goals and ambitions, which is why it’s critical to support them through their learning journey. Read on to discover five fast-growing career pathways for STEM graduates. 

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What is STEM?

There are a range of subjects that children are educated about at school. As parents and educators, we want to ensure that our children are excelling at school and reaching their full potential especially within the curriculum-based subjects. STEM is a broad term used to group together 4 specific disciplines: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. At its core, STEM is typically a curriculum that integrates all four disciplines in a way that allows students to focus on developing higher level thinking skills through real-world applications. This blog explores the 4 disciplinary subjects of STEM.

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Mastering numeracy basics at home

Mastery of numeracy basics is essential for children. Regardless of your child's age or ability level, there are boundless possibilities for them to practice maths in and outside the classroom. As parents, we have the opportunity to use everyday experiences and resources that can be found in and around our home to help our kids learn and master basic numeracy. Whether it’s getting them to give you a hand in the kitchen or playing board games, you can support your child’s learning through daily tasks and activities. Read on to discover 4 ways to help your child master numeracy basics at home.

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Education pathways for maths enthusiasts

Maths is considered to be one of the most useful skills in life. As parents and educators, it is important for us to instil the foundations of maths early in children to set them up for success in life. Not only do we use maths in many aspects of life, but it offers endless possibilities and educational pathways for maths enthusiasts and for those who want to pursue a career in maths. Your child may have a passion for maths and want to pursue a study in engineering, or they may have a creative mindset and want to take on architecture. This blog explores 3 education pathways for maths enthusiasts. 

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