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1. Structure is Key: A child that is mentally prepared, has all the right materials, and is supported by an organised parent from day one starts confidently! Prepare a timetable for their week, let them know who is picking them up each day, and even tell them what is expected of them in the morning to get ready for school. All they need to focus on each day is learning!

2. Start as You Would Like to Finish: If you want them to finish the year strongly, then that is how they need to start. Time and time again we meet parents who hold off - "letting them settle in". Holidays finish the day before school starts. Encourage them from day 1 to stick to their schedule and complete all of their work. Meet their teacher early, discuss specific things about your child, and let the teacher know you are supportive, ie. open those communication channels! Finally, help your child with any difficulties early before they compound as the term goes on.

3. Set Homework Expectations: Discuss what you expect with homework this year BEFORE they get any. Once they have their homework and are not wanting to do it, you have a battle on your hands. Do they need to show you their work every couple of days? Where will they do their homework? What happens with their phones, TVs, and games during homework time? If you set these expectations now and write them down, you'll have something to refer to when the going gets tough - and it will! Most importantly, be there for them when they need help with homework. You are their greatest role model and your interest in their school work reinforces the importance of education to them.

4. Praise Effort: Praise your child for the effort that he or she puts into a project. This develops the idea that success is linked to effort, rather than results alone.

5. Have High Expectations: The fact that you believe in your child will give them the confidence to believe in themselves.

6. Help Your School: Look for specific ways that you can support your child's school. Maybe you have time to volunteer a few hours a week in the classroom or speak to the class about a special hobby or area of expertise you have. Or maybe there are things you can do for the school in other ways. Chat to your child's teacher. A child with an active parent in the school will become more engaged themselves.


Term one is used to set up the school year as we mean to continue. We want your child to start with confidence and feel like they can do anything. We look at where your child is at school, any feedback from last years reports and class placement to decide what is needed for the coming term. Seniors have assessments right from the start of term. Juniors often have testing to place them in groups for Maths and English. It is important that we take these factors into consideration plus what we know and get started straight away.

Give us a call for a Free Assessment now and we will design a program that will give your child the confidence to do well for the whole year.

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