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New Year's resolutions for children

As adults, we typically ponder New Year’s resolutions for ourselves. New Year’s is the perfect time to discuss with your children realistic resolutions and what they want to achieve in the year ahead. It is a great opportunity to articulate goals and make positive changes and improvements before entering the new year. As children work on achieving New Year’s resolutions, it teaches them how to set and work steadily toward their goals, build upon important skills such as reflection and problem-solving, and to build confidence. Read on to discover 5 resolutions that could benefit your child.

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Hands-on holiday learning over the Christmas break

The holiday season is finally here and it is a time full of surprises and magic for children and adults alike! While taking a break from the normal school routine is welcome and necessary, it is important to incorporate learning-focused activities into the holiday schedule. There are so many great educational opportunities to take advantage of over the Christmas break. Learning over the holidays will ensure that our children don’t lose their momentum and prepare them for the return to school. Read on to discover 3 hands-on holiday activities to keep your child motivated and learning over the Christmas break.

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Real-world learning for children

Life offers us endless real-world learning opportunities and experiences. As parents, we want to teach our children how to make a positive difference in the world and the lives of others. Through real-world learning, children can discover their passions, strengths, and dislikes, and hopefully turn what they love into a career and personal fulfillment. Real-world learning experiences can significantly improve and expand children’s knowledge, and can open doors to new opportunities. This blog explores four real-world learning experiences that you could incorporate into your children’s learning over the school holidays.

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The benefits of end-of-year reflections

The end of the year is always an exciting time for both children and parents. Children are ready to relax and enjoy the school holidays ahead, while parents are ready to forgo the early morning rush. Although these are exciting times to look forward to, it is tempting to race blindly forward into freedom without looking back. There is significant value in taking a moment to reflect on the growth of your child, their academic progress and achievements, and newly developed interests. Read on to discover the benefits of reflection and how you can help your child reflect on their year.

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Importance of celebrating student success

As parents, there is nothing more rewarding and exciting than seeing children overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Celebrating your child’s successes is an incredible way to nourish their growth and development. These positive experiences are etched into children’s memories, and serve as a reminder of what they have achieved. Celebrations are more than just feel-good moments, they can propel students forward on their learning journey and keep them motivated. This blog explores the importance of celebrating student success.

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