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Private 1:1 Tuition vs. NumberWorks’nWords

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In today's competitive educational landscape, parents are constantly seeking the best ways to support their children's learning. The debate often centres around traditional private 1:1 tuition versus innovative learning centres like NumberWorks'nWords.

Choosing the right type of tuition for your child can make a significant difference in their academic success and confidence. With so many options available, it can be challenging to decide which approach is best. 

In this blog, we'll explore the private tuition vs. the structured programmes offered by NumberWorks’nWords to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding NumberWorks’nWords

While private tuition has been a go-to for many, NumberWorks'nWords offers a range of benefits that make it a superior choice for enhancing your child's academic journey.

NumberWorks’nWords English and maths tuition supports students ages 5 - 16 with their education, by personalising learning programmes specifically catering to the individual needs of each student while aligning with the school curriculum too.

We offer free English and maths assessments that identify gaps and weaknesses. With this information, in conjunction with the parents and child, our team will develop a personalised learning programme to meet your child’s learning needs.

NumberWorks'nWords in-centre tuition is computer-based using bespoke English and maths tutoring software. Traditional learning methods are also incorporated into teaching practices and cater to students of all abilities regardless of where they are in their learning journey. 

English and maths tutoring with NumberWorks’nWords is beneficial for high school or primary-aged students who need extra support, are falling behind at school, or are approaching exams. 

Personalised Learning Approach

One of the standout features of NumberWorks'nWords is its personalised learning approach. Unlike private tutors who may follow a static lesson plan, NumberWorks'nWords uses adaptive software that tailors lessons to each student's individual needs. 

This means that as a student progresses, the difficulty and focus of the exercises adjust in real time, ensuring that they are always working at the optimal level for their development. Continuous assessment tools provide immediate feedback, helping tutors adjust their strategies and keep students on track.

Qualified Educators and Structured Curriculum

At NumberWorks'nWords, the tutors undergo training to deliver learning that aligns with the national curriculum.

This ensures a consistent quality of education that can sometimes be lacking with private tutors, whose methods can vary widely. The structured curriculum provides a clear roadmap for students' progress, ensuring they cover all necessary topics comprehensively.

Expert Tuition that Builds Confidence, Changes Attitudes and Delivers Results

Our tutors are experts in adapting their teaching instruction to a style your child can understand and engage with. This approach helps students not only grasp complex concepts but also develop a positive attitude towards learning. By building confidence and fostering a supportive learning environment, our tutors enable students to focus on their studies and reach their full potential. The result is a transformation in both academic performance and overall attitude towards education.

Engaging and Interactive Learning Environment

Learning at NumberWorks'nWords is not just effective—it's also fun. The use of interactive tools and resources keeps students engaged and motivated. The gamified elements of the programme make learning enjoyable, turning academic exercises into exciting challenges. 

Additionally, the learning environment at NumberWorks'nWords allows for peer interaction, which can enhance understanding and make the educational experience more dynamic and social compared to the often solitary nature of private 1:1 tuition.

Progress Monitoring and Rewards

At NumberWorks'nWords, progress is continuously monitored, and feedback is provided to show how your child is improving. By tracking your child’s progress and measuring areas of excellence and those needing more support, we ensure that each student receives the assistance they need. This consistent monitoring allows us to adjust teaching strategies promptly, ensuring optimal learning outcomes.

Additionally, our rewards system celebrates milestones and achievements along the learning journey. Children earn lollies or other small treats as rewards for their hard work and progress, creating a positive reinforcement loop that motivates them to excel. Through this combination of progress tracking and incentivised rewards, we foster a supportive environment where every child feels valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Specific Catch-Up, Extension, or Exam Preparation Tuition

Whether your child has fallen behind in their schoolwork or is feeling stressed about upcoming exams, NumberWorks'nWords offers specific tuition to meet these needs. 

Our tutors are equipped to provide focused catch-up lessons, extend learning for advanced students, and prepare students thoroughly for exams. This targeted approach helps students not only catch up or get ahead but also reduces stress and boosts their confidence in their abilities. Many of our NumberWorks'nWords centres run holiday programmes, which allows students to do intensive tuition during this time as well.

Working Towards Personal Goals

Every student at NumberWorks'nWords works towards agreed personal goals. Our individualised plans are specially designed to engage each pupil’s interest and give them the confidence to tackle any problem. 

By setting and achieving these personal goals, students build a sense of accomplishment and are motivated to continue improving. This goal-oriented approach ensures that learning is relevant and engaging for each student, promoting sustained academic success.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between private 1:1 tuition and NumberWorks'nWords depends on your child’s unique needs and circumstances. Both have their merits and can lead to academic success when matched with the right learner.


Choosing the right educational support for your child is crucial, and NumberWorks'nWords stands out as a superior option compared to traditional private 1:1 tuition, with a 40-year proven track record that we stand by as the best choice to support your child for results and building confidence.

Unlike private 1:1 tuition, which may offer tailored instruction but lacks consistency and scalability, NumberWorks'nWords delivers a comprehensive solution. Its adaptive learning technology ensures that each student receives individualised attention, while continuous progress monitoring keeps parents informed of their child's development. 

Moreover, the engaging and interactive learning environment fosters peer interaction and confidence-building, which is essential for long-term academic success. 

If you're ready to explore how NumberWorks'nWords can benefit your child, find a centre near you or book a free assessment today!

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