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NAPLAN Tutoring

Tailored tuition for students aged 5 to 16 years

Are you concerned about your child’s NAPLAN performance?

At NumberWorks’nWords we understand the power of NAPLAN to affect a student’s future education and career choices. Our individualised tuition programs are designed to identify and address literacy and numeracy gaps, so that children and their parents can feel more confident about NAPLAN tests.

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Learn more about NAPLAN 

  • What exactly is NAPLAN?

    NAPLAN stands for National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy. It’s a series of assessment tests that Australian students take in years 3, 5, 7 and 9. NAPLAN tests cover reading, writing, language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy.

  • How can NumberWorks'nWords help with NAPLAN tutoring?

    At NumberWorks'nWords, we provide tailored tutoring for English and maths programs aimed at improving knowledge, comprehension and exam skills for when your child sits the NAPLAN. Our tutoring programs are developed in line with your child's school curriculum to facilitate greater comprehension and retention of concepts learnt at school.

  • How does NAPLAN tutoring work with NumberWorks'nWords?

    When you meet with our tutors for NAPLAN tuition, we will first conduct a free assessment to identify the strengths, weaknesses and knowledge gaps of your child. From these results, we develop a personalised tuition plan with your tutor for NAPLAN, which includes a series of goals to work towards across the year, and is tailored to the capacity and ability of your child.

  • What is the importance of good NAPLAN results for my child's education?

    The NAPLAN is a test that acts as a ‘snapshot’ of your child's learning ability. A strong NAPLAN result can identify to teachers that your child could benefit from an extension program for further learning. It also teaches your child important foundational skills on how to work under exam conditions and implement effective study routines to set themselves up for success in future exams like the HSC.

    NumberWorks'nWords tutors are located across Australia. Explore our locations to find a tutor near you. Contact us today to unlock your child's full potential.

  • Why are NAPLAN results so important these days?

    NAPLAN is intended to assess the performance and identify the needs of Australian schools. However now many schools and other education providers take advantage of the standardised nature of NAPLAN and use test scores as part of their student selection process. Whether you like it or not, NAPLAN results are important for your child’s confidence levels and future options.

  • What can NAPLAN results tell parents?

    As well as helping your child get into the school of their choice, the NAPLAN test can give you a good overview of your child’s academic performance – not just within their school, but across the whole country.

    NAPLAN also helps you to understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses, which lets you know whether after-school NAPLAN tutoring might be a good idea. Some students need help with both maths and English, others benefit from a focused effort in one area only.

  • How can you help your children perform to their potential for NAPLAN?

    The NAPLAN tests cover material taught in general classwork, so the key to success is mastering each topic as the year progresses. As a parent you need to know how your child is performing, so that any areas of weakness can be addressed before they become major projects.

    We recommend supplementing your child’s learning at school with a targeted NAPLAN tutoring programme at NumberWorks’nWords. Don’t leave it until the last minute, because real learning that involves long-term memory requires steady work. A swot bootcamp will never work as well as careful preparation over time.

    After an assessment to see where you child needs help, NumberWorks'nWords provide tailored NAPLAN tuition that builds knowledge, skills and confidence.

  • Do you need help interpreting NAPLAN results?

    When we (today’s parents) went to school, tests were marked out of 100. Simple! Schools have now largely replaced marks-based assessment method with a more subjective, criteria-based assessment.

    Your child's NAPLAN performance, shown by the black dot, is rated on a scale of 10 bands for each test. This scale shows their current level of competency, with each year level having a defined minimum standard band. For example, the minimum standard for Year 3 is Band 2 and for Year 5 is band 4. The report you will receive will generally show 6 of the 10 bands that are relevant to the specific year level. The important thing to note is where your child's result falls on the displayed scale.

    The second lowest band on your report is the National Minimum Standard for the year. If you’re seeing a result in the bottom two bands, your child needs help urgently.They are only just or not even achieving the minimum standard. Even on a bad day, an average student will be well above these bands. Speak to your school and talk to us about a targeted tuition programme to address the problems. The other thing to note is how your child’s result compares with the national average, as shown by the triangle. A result below this triangle indicates the need for targeted support.

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If you are interested in NAPLAN tutoring for your child, book a free assessment today. We will personalise a learning program to meet the needs of your child so they can achieve their potential. We also help students to practise past NAPLAN tests to develop confidence, speed and accuracy. Our students make progress because we offer a supportive environment with continuous feedback.

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