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3 problem-solving skills to instil in students

Solving problems means making choices and thinking critically. Problem-solving is a foundational skill for children and the skills that come with it help them build confidence in their learning and improve academic performance. Children learn and develop at different speeds, however no matter their learning pace, it is imperative to help our children learn to tackle problems with grit and resilience. Problem solving helps young learners prepare for both academic and personal problems, in and out of school. This blog explores 3 important problem-solving skills to instil in your child. 


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The Importance of maths for young learners


Maths is an important part of learning for children throughout their early years and schooling. Developing a good grounding in maths is an essential life skill, and it helps children make sense of numbers, patterns and shapes. In addition to numeracy, maths builds upon vital skills such as problem solving and critical thinking. Building upon these skills may uncover newfound passions for maths, which could lead to educational or career pathways with mathematics. This blog explores the importance of maths for young learners and why you should help your child master numeracy skills early.

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Keeping up at the beginning of term

The new term brings new beginnings and goals, and provides opportunity for development and growth. After a disruptive year of uncertainty and transitions, many of us are seeking stability and normality especially when it comes to our children’s education. Though we cannot anticipate the future, we can support our children throughout their academic journey by helping them start the year strong, stay on track, and keep up at the beginning of term. Read on to discover how you can help your child settle into the new year and help them keep up! 

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Extracurricular activities for children

Every child has a different personality and interests, and they need to be nurtured in and outside the classroom. Outside of their favourite subjects and activities at school, children will also have aspiring passions beyond the classroom, which is where extracurriculars come into play. Extracurricular activities allow children to pursue specific interests in a real-world context and explore what they do and don’t enjoy, outside of their typical educational curriculum. Depending on the activity, whether it’s intellectual, physical, or creative in nature, specific extracurriculars can build skills in many developmental areas. This blog explores 4 fun and popular extracurriculars that may take your child’s interest.

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Back to school checklist for parents

With the new school year just around the corner, it’s a great time to start preparing for the return to school. Whether your child is starting a new school or another year of classes, having a checklist in place will help with the preparation and transition from holidays back to term time. As educators, we know this period can be challenging, especially getting back into the school routine, which is why we have compiled a back to school checklist to ensure that you and your child are prepared for the new school term ahead.

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