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5 Museums to Spark a Love of Learning

So many learning opportunities can come from new sensory experiences and the art of exploration. Immersing children in whole new worlds can open their minds up to creative thinking that transcends beyond the classroom. While free time to visit museums might be limited with school classes back in session or with some learning from home amidst lockdown measures, there are a range of creative ways inspired by museums, to boost a child’s interaction with a broad spectrum of subject areas that will leave a lasting, positive impact in the years to come.

Here are 5 types of museums to link the joy of learning to discovery.

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5 ways to encourage your child to enjoy their learning from home

We have long known that when children receive encouragement and motivation in the right way from teachers, coaches and mentors, their confidence can soar. But how does a parent learn all of the techniques that professionals whose job it is to help children to achieve their best, have been mastering for years? With so many families shifting to home-based learning as school classes continue to be disrupted, we’ve compiled a list that can guide you to confidently lead your child to developing a love of learning, with invaluable attributes like persistence and grit along the way.

Here are 5 ways to encourage your child to enjoy their learning from home. In time, you’ll notice how a feeling of self-belief brings a whole range of benefits, including self-driven learning.

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4 Do’s and Don'ts for Online Learning

As a parent of primary school or high school children, you have likely experienced a move to online learning from home by now, or are facing a second adjustment to a return to lock down measures. If you’re making the switch to online learning, you certainly aren’t alone. If you haven't already, preparing for a situation where your child is moved to online learning can help to save a lot of time and get your family adjusted to balancing school work with tuition.

Even with a plan, does learning from home and online feel like a big change for the family compared to at a centre and in class? We’ve created ways that can guide you to get the most from this new way of learning. Check out the 4 Do’s and Don’ts of balancing online tuition and schooling below:

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2020 STEM Skills for Jobs of the Future

We can all appreciate that the world is rapidly changing. While some may feel a sense of uncertainty in predicting how learning and workplaces will function in a post COVID-19 society, what we can be sure of is that jobs of the future will be relying on Generation Z’s STEM skills more than ever.

The term ‘essential work’ has entered into all of our consciousness where we have all been challenged to think about what professions are vital to support society to function at its best and when remote work and social distance is the new norm.


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Parent Q&A: Tailored learning for each child to boost their confidence

“As an occupational therapist, my belief is that a strong foundation in English and maths in the young years is really important as part of children’s development. We decided to commit to tutoring and not look back in terms of costs to get it right. 

“What made the assessment so effective, was somebody sitting down with my daughter and giving one-on-one attention which I really liked. They were a trained teacher and referred to how many specific words she knew. It was very in-depth and provided me with an idea of her current level and how we would progress. Once she got rolling, I felt she had more confidence. So, that was the big tell-tale sign.”

We spoke to a parent of four, Amelia, about her initial experiences with the NumberWorks’nWords teaching team, what she enjoys most about the programme and her future plans for her children’s education.

Read the Q&A to discover how with a focus on confidence, each child has embraced their tutoring experience and is on a path to making exciting progress at school.

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