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5 ways to make learning fun

The best way to keep children engaged in their learning is to make it fun. At NumberWorks’nWords, we know this, and incorporate fun into our maths and English tutoring. Children thrive in a supportive environment where they feel confident to take on new challenges and develop their skills. Providing this support and encouragement, while injecting fun into learning, helps children to develop a positive attitude towards education, which keeps them engaged and eager to progress as students. Our tuition model focuses on boosting confidence and results, while making learning a fun experience, that children enjoy. This blog outlines five ways to make learning fun for children.

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Celebrating Student Success

Academic success looks different to every student. To some, success might look like winning an end of year award, and to others it might be passing every class, or getting a best-ever grade on a test or exam. Using strategies like goal-setting, habit-building, and motivation techniques can support students on their learning journeys, and set them up for success. The end of the school year is a natural time to celebrate student success, although it’s important to recognise accomplishments large and small throughout the year. As we approach the end of the year, we have some fun ways to celebrate success with your children. Read on to explore our top four ways to celebrate children’s academic achievements.

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How to set goals for children

“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”
—Thomas Edison

Goal setting is an important part of achievement and growth, and is an essential skill to learn early in life. Goals help motivate us to achieve our dreams, and act as catalysts for us to accomplish more than we expect from ourselves. Teaching children to set goals for themselves helps to improve their self-image, build upon strengths, identify weaknesses, learn visualisation techniques, and in the case where goals are achieved, the experience boosts confidence and provides an example of success that children can draw on. There are many benefits of goal setting for students. Read on to discover five keys to successful goal setting for children.

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Helping Children Build Habits

Habits are important in building strong foundations for success in our lives. Our daily habits and choices, across all areas of our lives, inform who we are as people and the quality of our lives. Forming healthy habits in children is important to set them up for success later in life. Positive habits such as getting up early, helping with the dishes, tidying up after play, studying each afternoon, making healthy eating choices, daily reading, and more, are ingrained by repetition. These habits stick when children are conscious of the purpose, and can see the wider picture or motivation for making healthy choices that support their goals. Teaching and modelling healthy habits is an important factor in setting children up for success. This blog outlines 4 ways to help your children build healthy habits.

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Keeping Kids Motivated

Watching children learn and grow is one of the greatest gifts of being a parent or educator. From first steps to graduations, there are many milestones that we celebrate in children’s lives. Each of these achievements is preceded by consistent effort and persistence. Sometimes that effort is easeful, and their motivation is intrinsic, as children are eager to learn and keep up with siblings and classmates. Other times, keeping kids on track and motivated to achieve their goals takes external motivation, and guidance from parents, teachers and tutors. Read on to discover four strategies for keeping children motivated, focused, and on track with their learning goals.

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