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Tutor Q&A: A Vibrant and Positive Environment

“The most rewarding moments I’ve experienced have been seeing students crippled with self-doubt finally starting to become not only confident in their work but proud of it as well.”

When parents invest in tuition, they not only consider the type of learning program they are choosing - be it online, in-person or blended learning. Likewise, they are not solely weighing up the content that is assigned: based on a child’s school grade level or on ability. From speaking with a number of families that have chosen to partner with NumberWorks’nWords, a huge factor has been the role of the tutor, who they recognise as a vital motivator and mentor to their children.

So what motivates a tutor to bring their best to NumberWorks’nWords sessions, day in and day out? We recently spoke with a Tutor who shared, “I enjoy how tutoring allows me to utilise a variety of my skills, from teaching children how to read the alphabet through to complex tasks such as thesis development or essay building.”

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5 Reasons Term 3 is More Important Than Ever

There is no denying the past few months of disrupted learning have left parents wondering where their child stands - have they maintained the same level of understanding, have essential skills slipped or has this been a chance to reinforce knowledge gaps?

As teacher reports were sent to families at the end of Term 2, parents pored over feedback, made plans to address concerns and set goals for their children to focus on, when returning to school.

With the start of Term 3 the halfway signal to the school year, many are considering this a turning point for students. Here are 5 reasons why Term 3 is more important than ever, and ways to make the most of a ‘reset’ when school returns.

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Get a Head Start before the School Term with English and Maths Holiday Programs that Provide Rapid Progress

School holidays present an opportunity to get back on track with maths and English study, alongside play and new experiences that all contribute to fruitful learning.

For children in primary school, holidays don’t have to mean a stop to learning, especially when the lessons are made to feel fun while developing essential skills. As children add to their competency, parents are quick to realise that a boost in progress also equates to a leap in confidence.

We’ve tabled four ways that children can leapfrog ahead of recent school disruptions, including the NumberWorks’nWords holiday program delivered in an enjoyable environment that means a return to the classroom with a steady path to the end of the school year. 


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What to expect from your first year of tuition?

Your first year of tuition can feel like a rollercoaster of successes and challenges. With every hump in your child’s development, comes a milestone just around the corner. At NumberWorks’nWords, we take the unique approach whereby confidence and a sense of achievement is fostered from their very first session at the centre. With our network of educators and highly trained tutors, we’ve supported hundreds of families on their journeys to developing essential English and maths skills, from day one to year one, two, three … and more! Read on to discover what to expect from your child’s very first encounters with tutoring to the end of your first year, and how to celebrate every sign of progress along the way.

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How to combat the COVID slide with a return to basics

Returning to the classroom can feel challenging after being away from the usual teaching … and especially if concerns are about falling behind with maths or English. For some students who have gone 13 weeks without their routine learning, the gap can represent an entire school term.

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