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The importance of literacy can be seen everywhere you look - words on signs, in books, on websites, in forms, on vehicles and hundreds of other places. The world runs on words, so reading and writing are essential life skills. For some they come easily; for others mastering the English language can be hard work.

Sam Play


Sam's parents are worried. He hasn't been doing so well in English and is embarrassed about being in the bottom group at school. Worrying doesn't fix things but targeted tuition does. For years we've been working with students who aren't meeting achievement guidelines for their age. We know how to turn things around for children like Sam, and we make sure it's fun. Watch Sam's Story

Jessie Play


Jessie is a competent reader but she’s scared of getting things wrong in class. We often help students who lack confidence. Through tailored teaching, positive reinforcement and success-based learning, we are helping Jessie to become proficient and confident. Now she loves putting up her hand to answer questions. Watch Jessie's Story

Cody Play


Cody has been identified as having a gift in English. We think children who find reading and writing easy deserve as much attention as students who are struggling. If test results and school reports show that your child has a talent for words, we can create a plan that accelerates and broadens English learning. Watch Cody's Story

About our English tuition

  • Our English tuition is for children who are beginning readers and continues through to Year 10.
  • The tuition programme we develop for your child will be tailor-made to meet needs identified during the initial assessment.
  • Our English tuition covers reading, comprehension, writing, spelling and grammar and follows the school curriculum.
  • The tutoring programmes are well able to cater for the increased emphasis in the curriculum on handwriting fluency, legibility and speed, vocabulary development, grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  • For senior students we offer tutoring to develop the skills required for writing great essays, be they persuasive, analytical or expository essays, or narratives.
  • With input from you and your child, we set achievable goals. As each goal is achieved, a new one will be set.
  • We regularly report back to you, so you’ll know how your child is progressing.
  • Our experienced English tutors use positive reinforcement and rewards to make sure the tutoring experience is enjoyable – fun even!

Ready to book an assessment?

If you’re still unsure whether your child needs an English tutor, or whether we’re the right provider, we recommend you book a free assessment. It costs nothing to find out where your child stands, and at the same time you can get a good look around one of our centres. Then you’ll be better equipped to make the best decision for your child.

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What people say about us

Tailored tuition

Professional and approachable learning made easy and tailored to the requirements of the student.


Welcoming environment

NumberWorks'nWords provides a friendly, welcoming & encouraging environment in which my daughter can usefully increase her confidence to take into her classroom daily.


Friendly professional staff

The staff at NumberWorks'nWords have always been very friendly, professional and helpful. They engage well with my children, who appear to be making good progress with English, which they were struggling with before coming to the centre. The activities appear to be interesting and my kids love going each week. I would recommend NumberWorks'nWords to any parent whose child is struggling with English.


Have Fun Learning

NumberWorks'nWords have been amazing in assisting my child to reach his reading goals. The managers are always available to interact with parents, while the tutors provide positive support for their charges. All this and the kids have fun learning.

Lesley W