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How to Develop Good Study Habits

Discover the Power of Positive Study Habits! Explore our expert insights on cultivating effective study routines for your child's academic success. From creating distraction-free spaces to setting motivating goals, learn how to empower your child's learning journey. 

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Helping Kids Stay On Track With Learning

Discover effective strategies to keep children on track with their learning. From setting goals to fostering a growth mindset and leveraging technology, empower your child's academic success with these expert tips.

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Real-Life Skills to Learn

Real-world learning for children has become increasingly important in recent years. Sometimes, when it comes to educating children, we often focus on preparing them for their next school or university. We want them to be ready for their exams, so they can get into a top school and become successful adults, but what about learning to be successful in other areas of life? Luckily, there are many ways you can help your children to learn real-world skills at home. 

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Holiday learning at home

Holiday learning is about having family fun and enjoying the break. These activities are not necessarily your typical educational activities. Instead, they are skills that get your child problem-solving, thinking critically and doing so without being in a familiar learning environment. Let your holiday plans guide what activities you get the children involved in. It's important to choose fun, educational Christmas break activities that fit your child's interests. Here we have compiled a list of ventures that will encourage your child to have fun and gain confidence while learning new skills.

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4 ways to keep children motivated

Nurturing ambition in children keeps them on track with their learning. Parents can play an essential part in motivating their children; however, some children are naturally more motivated than others. Sometimes you need to help your child to nurture motivation by working out what motivates them and helping cultivate internal motivation, one of the strongest drivers of good habits and self-drive.

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