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Are you concerned about your child’s progress or preparation for SATs at Key Stage 1 or 2? At NumberWorks’nWords we understand the desire parents have to ensure their child achieves the best results they can in SATs tests. Our individualised tuition programmes are designed to identify and address any gaps in maths, English and writing, so your son or daughter can face these tests with knowledge and confidence.

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  • What exactly are SATs?

    SATs, which is short for standardised assessment tests, is the common name for the compulsory national curriculum tests held in Year 2 and Year 6. The tests cover English reading, spelling punctuation and grammar, as well as arithmetic and mathematical reasoning. Their purpose is to help teachers and parents learn more about each child’s strengths and weaknesses. They also help teachers compare your child’s progress with children of the same age in their school and nationally.

    In Year 2, teachers use the test results, along with work during the year, to help them judge and report on your child’s progress. They also make assessments on speaking and listening, writing and science. In Year 6, parents receive the official test results for their child along with a teacher assessment in English writing. Parents also receive separate assessments for English reading, mathematics and science.

  • Why are SATs results so important?

    In Year 2, the SATs help to identify areas for focussed learning and set a baseline from which to measure future progress. Although parents and schools try to avoid building anxiety in children about the tests, many children still find the assessment and judgement reporting to be stressful. Some schools may not do SATs tests at the year 2 level.

    In Year 6 there can be added pressure to perform in SATs tests because of secondary preparation and selection. A student who does not reach national standards before entering secondary school can find senior schooling very challenging.

  • What can parents do to help?

    The most important thing is to maintain good communication with your child and their teachers about how things are going at school. You don’t have to be an expert in maths and English, you just need to be a coach helping your child to learn how to deal with roadblocks, find the right help and celebrate achievements. All children learn in bursts, struggling at times and advancing quickly at others; it’s seldom a consistent path. Keep the focus on supporting continuous learning and try not to transfer any anxiety you might have about the SATs tests to your child.

  • How do you know if a SATs coaching class or tutor is required?

    The most effective way to ensure your child achieves their best in the SATs is to identify and address any learning gaps on a regular basis. Having said that, we understand that the tests often create a deadline for remedial action and it’s never too late to address concerns. Even if your child is progressing well, they may simply become anxious about sitting the tests and whether they will be able to show their true ability. Private SATs tutoring assists confidence, as well as knowledge and skills. It helps your child to be the best s/he can be.

    Our NumberWorks’nWords owners are professionals working with schools and curriculum to ensure your child’s maths and English achievement.

    We can help you interpret school reports and offer a free no-obligation assessment for your child. We’ll discuss the results with you and make recommendations that best suit your child’s learning needs. We include an introductory session with your child’s assessment. You will leave the assessment having gained a clearer picture of your child’s weaknesses, strengths and knowledge gaps.

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If you are interested in SATs tutoring for your child, book a free assessment today. If you choose to enrol your child with us for SAT coaching classes, we’ll address the gaps in your child’s learning by teaching the missing content. We also help students to practise previous SATs tests, so they develop confidence, speed and accuracy. Our students make progress because we offer individual programmes in a warm and friendly learning environment, where they feel motivated and are encouraged to achieve their full potential.

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