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If you’re searching for a maths or English tutor in London, come and check out our Ealing tuition centre. We’re part of a network of tutoring centres London parents review highly.   

Individual tuition programmes

Our curriculum-linked programmes are designed by experts to deliver the results your child needs (catch-up, extension or exam prep), while also building confidence and increasing love of learning. We teach children aged 5 to 15 and regular reports show how your child is improving. Every student has an individualised programme and works towards agreed personal goals. Results are celebrated.

Maths tutoring

Effective and engaging maths tuition will ensure your child has the numeracy knowledge and thinking skills required for improved maths performance. We help children who struggle with maths, as well as those who are gifted.

English tutoring

Whether your child is a reluctant reader and writer or an aspiring novelist, we can prescribe a needs-based English tuition programme. Our tutoring complements school-work and follows the school curriculum. 

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A NumberWorks’nWords assessment for English and/or Maths will provide you with valuable insight into how your child is progressing.

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Meet the Owner: Samina Masud

Samina Masud Ealing

My name is Samina Masud and I am the owner of NumberWorks'nWords in Ealing.

I am fully qualified teacher with 25 years experience of teaching in Hounslow and Ealing schools. I have held positions of responsibility for science, English, SEND and teacher training. I have experience in teaching across the age range from Nursery to adults. I am also a very active committee member of a local Educational charity in Ealing. I have developed and delivered various projects to improve access to education for children and adults with additional needs.

My passion is teaching and observing children's learning behaviour. During my teaching career, I conducted research on how children learn and more importantly identify barriers to learning and finding ways to minimise these barriers. My firm belief that all children can achieve their full potential if the children are taught in the way that they can learn. I am a great believer in mindful learning where children are fully engaged and learning is purposeful and stress free. From my own experience, I have seen the benefits of tuition from improving confidence and motivation, to exam success.

In Ealing NumberWorks'nWords we have created an atmosphere of positive self-belief, higher aspirations and achievement for all. NumberWorks'nWords runs alongside the National Curriculum in schools and therefore caters for each individual profile to be able to make progress at wherever their starting point is, from a slower learner to exceptionally able. I get a lot of personal satisfaction from seeing children achieve their goals.