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Benefits of Extracurricular Activities for Kids

The question is, what do extracurricular activities mean and why are they important?

Here’s a little secret: extracurricular activities are simply any activity you do outside of your school work. Easy enough, right?

Well okay, that’s great, but why are extracurricular activities important?

Isn’t getting great grades in school good enough? And if you do participate in other activities, why does it matter? Doesn’t everyone do at least one activity that has nothing to do with school?

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How to Teach Children "I can’t" Into "I can"

The single biggest factor for a successful school year is a child’s confidence and self belief. It affects every aspect of their lives, although it is most keenly felt at school, where differences are measurable against peers.

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Helping Your Child 'Get it' With Tutoring

Is your child feeling anxious? Do you know why? It could be because they are feeling overwhelmed. It’s seldom about lack of intelligence. More often than not, it’s because something just hasn’t clicked into place. The ‘aha’ moment didn’t happen.

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Sustaining high achievement

Most parents who have recognised a strong academic future for their child are keen to ensure that potential continues to be fulfilled. If your child is confident, happy and apparently performing well at school, it can be difficult to judge whether everything is as good as it could be, or whether it’s time for extra help.

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Feet Book Fire

Comprehension troubles? Books are the answer!

Many children struggle with ‘comprehension’ despite reading confidently. Celia from NumberWorks’nWords suggests that a likely reason is that comprehension texts are increasingly taken from classic fiction and the new GCSE syllabus expects children to understand Victorian texts easily. Many use figurative language, vocabulary and sayings that are no longer in use, whilst the life described is very different from now and modern children don’t necessarily relate to it.

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