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Holidaying with Children

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The school holidays offer incredible opportunities for family escapades. Whether you're setting off on a quest to reconnect with extended family, explore uncharted territories, or revisit a cherished family retreat, travelling with children brings forth both challenges and rewards. Creating new memories, sharing collective experiences, navigating uncharted territories as a unit, and savouring quality downtime together are some of the fulfilling elements of embarking on holiday adventures with the family. This blog explores the compelling reasons why undertaking journeys with children during the school break is a valuable and rewarding experience.

Quality Time on Family Holidays

Amid the academic whirlwind, where parents find themselves immersed in work and childcare duties, the concept of quality family time often takes a backseat, overshadowed on the family priority list. Despite acknowledging its significance, incorporating moments of quality time becomes a challenging endeavour. Juggling sports events, tutoring sessions, social engagements, and individual hobbies makes it challenging to bring the family together for meaningful connections.

Enter the school holidays—a welcomed reprieve that opens up additional time for family bonding. To make the most of this opportunity, planning during the break proves beneficial to include moments of quality time. Orchestrating a family getaway emerges as an excellent strategy to optimise the shared break from work and school commitments. Embracing this change entails disconnecting from work responsibilities, setting aside schoolwork and homework duties, and briefly escaping routine household chores to revel in the freedom from day-to-day obligations.

With an extended period of togetherness, both parents and children can delve into deeper connections. It becomes a time to explore facets of each other that might be overlooked in the hectic pace of daily life. Engaging in play, discussing life's nuances, and creating shared joyful experiences contribute to strengthening the familial bonds that define the family unit.

Life Skills for Young Kids

Family vacations offer children unique opportunities for learning and development. Travelling takes children out of their comfort zones, encouraging them to expand their boundaries, acquire new skills, and engage in unfamiliar experiences. This exposure to new environments fosters personal growth, accumulates valuable life experience, and imparts significant life lessons not typically encountered in their day-to-day routines.

The learning journey commences during the planning stages of the trip and extends onto the road. Travel serves as a platform for enhancing life skills and boosting confidence. To maximise the abundant learning opportunities inherent in family holidays, involve your children in the planning process. Engage them in creating a travel itinerary, researching the destination, compiling packing lists, strategising meals, packing their bags, reading maps, and managing a budget for the trip.

Understanding the financial and logistical aspects of international travel provides children with practical knowledge. This not only keeps them intellectually engaged during the school break but also acts as a safeguard against the potential dip in academic performance known as the summer slide. The hands-on involvement in travel preparations becomes a comprehensive educational experience, contributing to both their personal development and academic readiness for the return to school.

New Experiences

Embarking on novel experiences and acquiring life skills often coincide, and travel provides an enriching environment for both. It offers numerous opportunities not only to share your interests with your children but also to instil new skills and knowledge. Family holidays, in particular, serve as an ideal setting for introducing your child to fresh experiences.

Whether your journey leads you to a different region within your country or to a familiar child-friendly beach or holiday destination, abundant opportunities for enriching exploration abound. Encourage your child to actively engage with the destination by delving into its history, landmarks, attractions, and local wildlife. If you find yourselves in a familiar beach locale, motivate them to go beyond their previous experiences—whether that involves trying their hand at surfing, fishing, hiking, or embracing something even more adventurous. These moments of exploration not only broaden their horizons but also forge enduring memories of shared adventures.


Creating enduring family memories stands out as one of the most significant benefits of vacationing with your children. Childhood is transient, emphasising the importance of prioritising family holidays as occasions to reflect upon and reminisce about the diverse phases of life within your family and the shared adventures you've encountered. Special family holidays from our childhoods linger in our memories, leaving an indelible mark.

Whether it's the escapade marked by a cancelled flight, navigating unfamiliar roads, an unexpected upgrade to a luxurious hotel, camping in the rain, or excelling in activities like sailing or skiing, these memories become cherished and contribute to shaping your child's character as they journey through life.

Whether your vacations involve exotic overseas trips or serene weekends at the beach or by the pool, these moments of shared quality time and adventure have a profound impact on both children and their parents. Seize the opportunity presented by school holidays to allocate dedicated time for travel with your child and family, creating cherished memories that will echo through the years.

Adventure and Bonding

Family vacations offer a prime opportunity for both adventure and bonding. Whether it entails exploring a new city, hiking amidst the beauty of nature, or indulging in water activities along the beach, these escapades create lasting memories and strengthen familial bonds. Confronting shared challenges, whether navigating unfamiliar territories or embracing new activities, becomes a unifying force for families.

The thrill of discovery and the excitement that comes with exploring the unknown significantly contribute to a shared sense of unity and accomplishment. These collective experiences seamlessly weave into the tapestry of family narratives, fostering a profound sense of connection that extends well beyond the finite timeframe of the holiday itself. Essentially, the adventures undertaken become the threads that intricately bind the family together, forming a rich tapestry of shared moments and reinforcing the ties among family members.

Cultural Enrichment

Embarking on journeys broadens children's perspectives, exposing them to a spectrum of cultures, traditions, and viewpoints that enrich their understanding of the world. The exploration of new locales offers an immersive education that goes beyond the pages of textbooks, allowing children to witness, interact with, and personally experience history and culture.

Whether indulging in local cuisine, participating in cultural festivities, enjoying holiday parks, or visiting historical sites, family vacations provide a unique opportunity for children to explore and expand their horizons. Exposure to diverse cultures fosters qualities such as open-mindedness, tolerance, and a global perspective—attributes that are increasingly crucial in our interconnected world. These experiences not only enhance a child's comprehension but also contribute significantly to the development of a more inclusive and globally aware perspective.

Building Resilience

Facing the challenges of travel, from flight delays to language barriers and adjusting to new environments, helps instil resilience and sharpens problem-solving skills in children. These experiences teach them to adapt to unforeseen situations, manage their emotions, and devise solutions to unexpected challenges.

The acquisition of these invaluable life skills during family holidays significantly contributes to a child's overall development and preparedness to confront future obstacles. As parents guide their children through the intricacies of travel, they play a vital role in fostering resilience and cultivating a positive attitude toward tackling life's uncertainties. This guidance becomes a cornerstone in shaping a child's ability to face challenges with adaptability and a proactive mindset.

Spending the school holidays with children through family getaways is exceptionally rewarding. Not only do children have the chance to learn in unique ways and encounter novel experiences, but these family holidays also create memories that will be cherished fondly in the years to come.

Ensuring children stay engaged in learning during breaks is crucial, and travel emerges as an excellent method to achieve this. If your child could benefit from an educational boost before returning to school, consider enrolling them in a NumberWorks’nWords holiday programme to help them regain focus.

Our holiday programmes include intensive sessions led by specialised maths and English tutors, providing individualised learning plans tailored to each student's goals. NumberWorks’nWords seamlessly integrates fun with learning, creating a supportive environment that fosters confidence and delivers tangible results. To discover more about holiday programmes for your child, reach out to your local centre or book a free assessment to learn more about the enriching opportunities we offer.

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