Is tutoring right for my child?


With the introduction of achievement standards, continuous assessment and higher entry requirements for tertiary courses, parents are focusing more and more on their child’s academic performance at school. A generation ago, most parents just let the school get on with it, but today they’re a lot more involved and, naturally concerned about how to bring out the best in their child, whatever that may be.

Tutoring was once the ambulance at the bottom of the education cliff. Today it’s part of a wider strategy to help children develop effective learning skills, while also identifying and fixing specific problems as they occur. More and more parents are realising the benefits of maintaining learner confidence and the positive influence it has on participation, motivation and self-managed learning. Children attending regular professional tutoring are no longer just those who are struggling at school. They’re increasingly mid-to-high-performing students making sure they can achieve their very best.

If you’re wondering whether tutoring would help your child to be their best, ask yourself if you’d accept this offer: a learning specialist, who is passionate about education, meets with you and your child to identify areas to develop and/or extend, tailors a learning programme to suit your child, then meets with them every week to help them become a more confident learner and reach their potential. If you answered yes, you already know tutoring is the right thing for your child.

Often the question is more about whether it’s worth paying for a tutor. The answer to that is not as straightforward, because everyone’s circumstances are different. If you can afford it however, there’s no doubt about the flow-on benefits of helping your child to feel confident and successful at school. Some of our students are funded by a grandparent or other relative who is keen to help out in some way. Many of our parents choose to postpone or cut back on a few non-essentials until their child is through their most important years at school.

If you’re paying for tuition you’ll want to be sure you’re getting good value. We expect nothing less. NumberWorks’nWords has been helping kids for more than 30 years. Our tutoring is linked to the current school curriculum and we use learning methods that are compatible with the way your child is taught at school.

You can book our no-obligation free assessment for your child. It will tell you how they’re doing compared to children of the same age. You’ll get specific information about their weaknesses and strengths, as well as an indication of what we would do to make a difference. If you decide to continue we’ll set goals with you and your child, develop an individualised programme and provide regular progress reports.

With NumberWorks’nWords you can feel confident you’re doing the best for your child.

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