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4 ways to celebrate student success

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Celebrating student success has never been more important. Celebrations are more than just feel-good moments. They are the driver behind students’ motivation and focus, and create a positive attitude towards learning. It is important to recognise all accomplishments small and large throughout the year. As we near the end of the year, we have compiled some fun ways to celebrate success with your children and propel them forward on their education journey. Read on to discover 4 ways you can celebrate student success.

1. Awards

Awards and accolades are pivotal in a student’s academic journey. Just as we correct and learn from mistakes, it is also important to recognise a student’s effort and success. Recognition can be in the form of a certificate, which is an effective and simple way to accentuate their hard work and endeavours, while motivating them to continue to work harder. If your child is excelling at school, for instance, achieving good grades, take pride in acknowledging their accomplishments. Schools and tuition centres use certificates and awards to celebrate accomplishments and build confidence in students.

2. Rewards

Rewards and positive reinforcements are essential and useful ways to encourage students to repeat good behaviour and build good habits. Rewarding students after they achieve a goal or overcome a challenge encourages repeated behaviour. Consider setting goals with rewards that align with your child’s abilities and achievements, and offering rewards that they find motivating. Some examples of motivational rewards include a favourite toy, a special meal, money for their piggy bank, or a family activity or trip. At NumberWorks’nWords, we use different types of positive reinforcements to reward our students, such as prizes, games, and jellybeans.

3. Reward charts

Reward or star charts are powerful tools to enforce good behaviour and keep track of students’ achievements. Instituting an academic star chart can help students to stay on track and build momentum with their learning. For example, each small achievement can earn a new star that is added to your child’s chart, and once the chart has been completed, reward them with something special! Stars could be given for passing a test, completing their homework, or levelling up at tutoring. Recognising small achievements offers students a sense of accomplishment and boosts their confidence.

4. End of year celebration

As educators, we know how hard students work throughout the year to succeed and achieve high grades. Although it is important to recognise accomplishments throughout the year, the end of the school year is a natural time to celebrate student success. Finishing the year on a high note with an end of year celebration for your child is a great way to praise and acknowledge their efforts and achievements, and incentivises them to continue striving towards future academic success. Whether it’s a family gathering with music and games or a family trip, it leaves students with a positive feeling about school and high hopes for the following year.

Celebrations make hard work worthwhile, which is why it is important to make celebrating part of your family routine. At NumberWorks’nWords, we use positive reinforcement and rewards to create an enjoyable experience, and to ensure that our students stay motivated to keep learning. Our success-based approach to learning through prizes, praise, and recognition helps young learners build confidence. If you would like to learn more about our maths and English tutoring programmes, get in touch with your local centre, or book a free assessment today!

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