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Social media for children

Social media offers huge opportunities, from sharing ideas and thoughts to uncovering trends, and building relationships. As we live in a digital era, our children are exposed to social media at a young age and are given the opportunity to learn, research, play games, and connect with family and friends online. As parents, it’s important to help our children use and navigate through the online world in a way that’s safe and positive for them. Read on to discover 4 ways to help prepare and protect your child on social media.

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Online learning tips

Online learning has become an important part of our children’s lives and an even bigger part of the educational sector. We’ve all had to adapt our lives to some degree, and it can take a bit of adjustment to switch from in-class to online learning. As parents and educators, we want to prepare our children for online learning so that they have the support and resources they need to learn effectively. To make sure your child is making the most of online education and is not overwhelmed by a new approach to learning, we have compiled 4 useful tips to help support your child’s online learning. 

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Tech tools for students

Technology is evolving rapidly, with technological advancements changing the world and how we live in it. Students who are growing up in the age of technology have boundless opportunities and access to technology that enables them to discover the world around them, and become more resourceful than ever. With technological advancements, there are many tech tools available for students to utilise, which aid in their learning. From devices such as computers and tablets to online educational games, it is important that we utilise these tools to enhance our children’s learning. Read on to discover some useful tech tools that you can incorporate into your child’s learning.

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How to keep children safe online

Keeping children safe online is top of mind for many parents. With technology and Internet access at our fingertips at all times, it’s important to take an active role in protecting your child online. Since the Internet and digital tools are deeply woven into society and many career paths, online literacy and skills are essential to succeed in life. To make sure your child has every opportunity to flourish as a student and later as a professional, it’s important to enable them with technical skills and online expertise. With the help of open conversations about online safety, and the many tools and strategies available to parents, keeping your child safe online can be done with confidence. To keep your children safe online, we have collated some of our best tips for Internet safety.

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Learning outside of the classroom

Classrooms are not the only place a child can learn. Learning happens beyond the classroom, and one of the easiest ways to help advance your child is by incorporating learning experiences into everyday life. Activities outside of the classroom are often authentic, hands-on, and interactive, which are all invaluable skills that prepare students for life beyond school. Practical learning opportunities such as family activities or learning how to ride a bike can strengthen your child’s learning agility. Read on to discover how you can help your child learn outside of the classroom.

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