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Helping kids stay on track with learning

Keeping children on track with learning can be a challenge to many parents. Staying on track is important because children can lose confidence, affecting their education in all areas if they are behind in one subject. Assessing where they are at regularly, catching up on gaps, creating purpose and goals around their learning, embracing connection, and using technology to support more exciting learning can all be helpful tools.

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4 ways to keep children motivated

Nurturing ambition in children keeps them on track with their learning. Parents can play an essential part in motivating their children; however, some children are naturally more motivated than others. Sometimes you need to help your child to nurture motivation by working out what motivates them and helping cultivate internal motivation, one of the strongest drivers of good habits and self-drive.

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Role models for children

Role models inspire others to lead and live an exemplary life through their personal qualities, achievements, and successes. For children, role models help them stay motivated, instil good behaviour, influence their decision-making, and inspire them to pursue their goals. Each child will have a different role model that they look up to and aspire to be. From parents and teachers, to celebrities and famous figures, it is important that your child has a role model that inspires them to achieve their goals. We have compiled a list of 4 common role models for young children.

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Reading at home

Literacy is the cornerstone of child development. It is an essential part of children’s learning and is the foundation for succeeding in school. Ensuring that all young children have the ability to read and write will ultimately have flow on effects for achievement across all school subjects. As parents, it is important that we support our children’s learning from the moment they step foot in a classroom to the very end of their academic journey. There are several ways we can help and encourage our children to master their literacy skills by reading at home. Read on to discover more!

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Games that help consolidate maths skills

Maths is everywhere. From cooking and shopping to planning a holiday, we may not be conscious of it, but we use maths daily. As adults, we know that maths is not every child’s strong suit so it can often be a struggle to get children to enjoy and practise it. One of the best ways to encourage children to learn maths is by making it enjoyable, and that is exactly what maths games are for! Nothing beats fun maths games that help teach and consolidate maths skills. Read on to discover 3 entertaining maths games you can try at home with your child!

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