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The 4 ingredients that improve examination success

It's that time of year again. All over the country, school students watch with varying degrees of anticipation or despair as exams loom over the horizon.

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Becoming a global citizen by reading books

Books allow us to explore new worlds, sample diverse cultures, and gain an understanding of how other people live. We have all experienced the feeling of being transported to a far-away land, while reading a book. These experiences of discovering how other people live, and the social issues they face through reading non-fiction books, and learning about relationships and culture through stories from around the world, helps us develop a robust understanding about how the world works, and the diversity of experiences of people from different countries, religions, cultures, and races.

To become global citizens, we need to be engaging with literature from around the world. As our world becomes more connected and globalised through the rise of the Internet and digital communication, it’s easier than ever to learn about cultures and people from around the globe. This blog outlines 4 benefits of reading to become a global citizen.

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The benefits of end-of-year reflections

The end of the year is always an exciting time for both children and parents. Children are ready to relax and enjoy the school holidays ahead, while parents are ready to forgo the early morning rush. Although these are exciting times to look forward to, it is tempting to race blindly forward into freedom without looking back. There is significant value in taking a moment to reflect on the growth of your child, their academic progress and achievements, and newly developed interests. Read on to discover the benefits of reflection and how you can help your child reflect on their year.

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5 Steps to Teach Children the Importance of Education

Embark on a journey to empower your child's love for learning with our latest blog, "The Importance of Education for Kids." Delve into essential steps every parent can take to shape their child into a well-rounded individual. 

From being positive role models to providing diverse learning opportunities, acknowledging obstacles and embracing technology responsibly, discover a comprehensive strategy for fostering a lifelong love of learning.

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Maths Games for Kids

Discover how the NumberWorks'nWords Arcade seamlessly integrates entertainment and education, turning maths into an enjoyable adventure. Explore gamification's power in motivating children and building a strong foundation for future learning. Dive into the cultivation of critical thinking and problem-solving skills and witness the impact of technology on education. Join us in embracing collaborative and interactive learning, recognising the vital role of parental involvement. 

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