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Finding balance for busy school students

As children grow up and their interests expand, in-line with increasing workloads at school, it can become difficult to find a balance between school and life. With conflicting priorities such as school assignments, sports practice, family time, study, and friendships, it is important to help your child find balance in their weekly schedule. To make sure your child is getting the most out of life and is not overwhelmed with a busy schedule, we have compiled 3 tips to help busy school students find balance.

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The benefits of taking breaks for learning and focus

A heavy workload and study commitments can be stressful for young learners. With homework and assignments piling up and responsibilities accumulating, it can feel a little overwhelming for students who are navigating school and life. Anxiety and stress may begin to build-up in students, and it’s easy for them to enter that state of restlessness. As parents and educators, we want to take that stress off our children and avoid burnout, which is why it is important to ensure your child takes breaks in between their schoolwork and study. Read on to discover the benefits of taking breaks for your child’s learning and focus. 

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4 Benefits of routine for children

Strong routines help families to manage busy schedules and the various commitments and demands that come with raising children and juggling work. Children benefit particularly from routines, which help them know what to expect from each day and how they need to prepare. Strong routines also help children build confidence and a sense of independence that will support them as they grow and take on challenges. The skill of establishing routines and sticking to them enables children to achieve their goals and lead full lives. Children respond well to structured routines that encompass fun and learning in ways that support their goals. Read on to discover 4 benefits of routine for children.

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The importance of maths & English for young learners

Maths and English are foundational skills for young learners. As parents and educators, we know that children grow up fast, which is why we should instil maths and English skills early in young learners. It is important to educate children well, by giving them the necessary skills of maths and English, which helps them to build confidence, improve their social and communications skills, and understand the world around them. These two invaluable skills contribute to a child’s success, as they transition from childhood to adulthood. This blog explores the importance of maths and English for young learners - read on to learn more!

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5 important learning skills for children

Watching children learn, grow, and develop the necessary skills they need in life is very rewarding, both for parents and educators. From the first day of kindergarten to high school graduations, we as parents and educators enjoy many milestones to be proud of and celebrate in children’s lives. These achievements are accomplished by learning, developing new skills, and determination, which is why it’s important to instil useful learning skills in your child. Read on to discover five important learning skills to help your child grow.

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