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Practicing Numeracy at Home

Explore the significance of practising numeracy at home in this blog, delving into key aspects such as understanding numeracy skills, creating a numeracy-rich environment, and utilising resources like the NumberWorks'nWords Arcade. 


Uncover strategies for age-appropriate numeracy practices, overcoming challenges, and tracking progress. Discover how integrating numeracy into daily life and infusing technology can transform the learning process into a fun and engaging adventure for kids. Empower your child with essential skills that extend beyond the classroom, making the early years of numeracy a thrilling adventure filled with confidence, enthusiasm, and proficiency in mathematics.

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Homework Hacks: 5 ways to make homework easier

Students are successful with their learning when they have the support and resources they need, along with strong habits and motivation to keep them going. Parents play an important role in their children’s academic success and can have a positive impact on their learning by engaging with their homework. Taking an interest in your child’s homework, lending a helping hand, providing extra support when needed, and modelling organisational skills and time management go a long way in helping your child achieve academic success. Homework shouldn’t be treated as a chore or something the family dreads. Cultivating a positive outlook about homework and taking an active role as a parent can make the daily task enjoyable and rewarding. This blog explores 5 tips to make homework less stressful and more beneficial for the whole family.

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How to set goals for children

“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”
—Thomas Edison

Goal setting is an important part of achievement and growth, and is an essential skill to learn early in life. Goals help motivate us to achieve our dreams, and act as catalysts for us to accomplish more than we expect from ourselves. Teaching children to set goals for themselves helps to improve their self-image, build upon strengths, identify weaknesses, learn visualisation techniques, and in the case where goals are achieved, the experience boosts confidence and provides an example of success that children can draw on. There are many benefits of goal setting for students. Read on to discover five keys to successful goal setting for children.

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Learning over the Christmas Break

Habit building for children

Children are influenced by their surroundings and the people in their lives. As parents, we have the responsibility of teaching our children good habits and helping them to develop a healthy lifestyle. We know that habits can be hard to break, so addressing unhelpful habits and replacing them with positive habits that support our goals will set children up for success throughout life. Teaching and modelling healthy habits play a vital part in children’s growth and development. This blog outlines the importance of building habits for children and the benefits that positive habits bring. 

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Unlocking Academic Success: A Guide for Parents

In the dynamic landscape of education, parents play a pivotal role in fostering their children's academic journey. Yet, grasping the ever-shifting curriculum and discovering effective methods to boost learning can pose a significant challenge. 

This blog delves into the evolving nature of education, emphasising the crucial role parents play in shaping and nurturing their children. It also explores the obstacles parents may encounter while supporting their children's education and how NumberWorks’nWords can be the best solution for you!

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