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Becoming a resilient learner

Resilience is the key to helping young learners manage stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. Those who are resilient have the courage, motivation, and confidence to face challenges, while maintaining a positive mindset. As adults, we know that children face many challenges in early stages of life, from adapting to a new school, to the stress of homework piling up, or just the uncertainties that are part of life. When faced with challenges, resilience helps children to thrive and overcome setbacks, which is why it is important to teach our children how to become resilient learners from a young age. Read on to discover more.  

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How confidence helps young learners

Confidence breeds success. Those who have the confidence to believe they can succeed, will succeed. Confidence empowers young learners to step out of their comfort zone and take risks, become more resilient when handling setbacks, and embrace their full potential in and out of the classroom. As parents and educators, one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is instilling a strong sense of confidence in them, to have faith in their abilities and achieve their goals. This blog explores the importance of having confidence and how it helps young learners succeed. 

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3 ways to boost confidence in children

Confidence is instrumental to a child’s learning and development. Children who are confident in themselves have the courage to try new things, feel proud of what they can achieve, and be resilient when coping with setbacks. Confidence is a key driver of success, which is why it is important for children to be confident in themselves and their abilities. As parents and educators, we know there are useful ways to help boost our children’s confidence and self-esteem. Read on to discover 3 ways you can help your child boost their confidence. 


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3 benefits of building confidence

Confidence doesn’t always come easy. Some children might inherit natural confidence or have confident role models, while others may need that extra boost. As long-time educators, we know the key to a child’s success is confidence. It is important that we help our children build confidence in themselves and their abilities, to succeed in and out of school. Building confidence can help children become resilient learners, increase their motivation, and improve their self-esteem. This blog explores the benefits of building confidence for children - read on to learn more.

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Career pathways with English

From the moment our children begin their learning journey, they are taught how to read, write, and speak English. As part of the school curriculum, English covers a wide range of topics and it generally involves critical thinking, creativity, and communication. Those who express an interest in studying and learning English have a diverse range of professional fields available to them in almost every corner of the world! Career pathways include, teaching, journalism, writing, or film production - the list goes on. Read on to discover 4 interesting careers for English and literature enthusiasts. 

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