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High School Tutoring

Some students adjust to High School very readily while some find it a challenge as the difficulty of the work increases and the pace of learning speeds up. Outside influences increase as teenagers establish wider networks, using their values and goals to make decisions and seek advice. They no longer have one teacher for the year but a specialist teacher for each subject. Homework increases as independent learning grows beyond the classroom.  And with milestone qualifications approaching many parents add the option of professional tutoring to their teenager’s toolkit.

Why use a High School maths tutor or High School English tutor

For every student, being ready for employment or gaining entrance to tertiary study requires minimum qualifications in maths and English. This needs to be in mind right from the start of High School. Achieving at higher levels in secondary school creates even more options for your child’s future. Parents today are more aware of how learning takes place and the importance of identifying needs early to ensure the best outcomes.  They want to source good quality help when it’s needed.

Boosting knowledge, skills and confidence

At NumberWorks’nWords, we offer a free no-obligation assessment of your child’s progress in maths and/or English. It takes place with a trained educator who will discuss the results with you, identifying strengths, weaknesses and areas of need. Your teenager can also try a free introductory lesson supported by one of our tutors.  You will both have a clear picture of how things are going and first-hand experience of our professional tutoring.

If you choose to continue, we’ll develop a personalised programme that will enable your child to reach their potential, building confidence and results. We also practise past questions and examinations to build speed and accuracy, and reduce assessment anxiety. How much tutoring your child undertakes with us is up to you.We simply want to help your child establish a complete and balanced approach to achieving their best. Book a free assessment now.

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