4 Steps to a Positive Parent-Teacher Relationship

Teachers are wonderful creatures with an amazing insight into your child's development. To make the most of these interview sessions, I always tell parents to Accept, Help, Ask and Listen:

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What do NAPLAN results show parents?

By now you will have received results from the 2015 NAPLAN
tests that were sat earlier in the year. Although these
tests are surrounded by some controversy, there is no
denying that the opportunity to compare your child's
progress with their national cohort only comes along four
times in their lives. You have the information, but what
does it all mean for us as parents?

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Big Decision Time - Tips to Help With Choosing a New School

Changing schools and particularly making the move to High School is always a big decision for you and your child. You will be faced with a barrage of information from school Open Days to take in about the next step in your child's education.

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Back to School

A child that is mentally prepared, has all the right materials, and is supported by an organised parent from day one starts confidently!

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