Paying Fees by Automatic Direct Debit

Your NumberWorks’nWords fees may be paid by Automatic Direct Debit if you choose.

How it works:

  • First Debit: Your first debit will be the Thursday after your set up date if weekly or fortnightly. If you have chosen monthly, they will occur on the 21st day of each month following sign up.
  • Instalments: Instalments will be the agreed rate at the time of sign up until the amount owing is cleared.  Debit amounts will update when tuition fees change. Our lesson fees are noted in the reenrollment information issued to families at the end of each term.
  • Final Debit: The final debit in each term is adjusted to clear your account to $0. For example, if you have discounts owing or have made payments by other methods, this debit will be less than your regular debits by those amounts.
  • Discounts: Any discounts owing on your enrolment will be applied to your final debit for the term.
  • Cancelling: You may cancel your Direct Debit agreement at the end of any NumberWorks’nWords term by notifying your centre Manager. It cannot be cancelled mid-term.
  • Fees: As long as each debit is successful, there are no extra fees. Ezypay do, however, charge a fee for failed payments.
  • Debit Failures: Please ensure details are always correct and adequate funds are available. For each debit that fails (eg: expired card or insufficient funds), Ezypay will charge a fee to cover their costs and you will receive notification directly from Ezypay how to resolve the failed payment and their fee. See their terms and conditions for details.
  • Help: If you need help, want to change details, or have questions regarding your Direct Debit account, please contact either Ezypay or your NumberWorks’nWords Manager by email or phone.

How to Activate:

To pay your NumberWorks'nWords fees by Automatic Direct Debit your centre manager will provide you with a link to accept the terms and conditions and sign up online. 

Ask your centre manager for a link to configure your account.