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If you're searching for a maths or English tutor in Rotorua, come and check out our brand new Rotorua tuition centre. We offer the quality tutoring Rotorua parents understand and value.

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Individual tuition programmes

Our curriculum-linked programmes are designed by experts to deliver the results your child needs (catch-up, extension or exam prep), while also building confidence and increasing love of learning. We teach children aged 5 to 16 and regular reports show how your child is improving. Every student has an individualised programme and works towards agreed personal goals. Results are celebrated.

Maths tutoring

Effective and engaging maths tuition will ensure your child has the numeracy knowledge and thinking skills required for improved maths performance. We help children who struggle with maths, as well as those who are gifted.

English tutoring

Whether your child is a reluctant reader and writer or an aspiring novelist, we can prescribe a needs-based English tuition programme. Our tutoring complements schoolwork and follows the New Zealand curriculum.

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A NumberWorks’nWords assessment for English and/or Maths will provide you with valuable insight into how your child is progressing.

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Meet the Owner: Leanne Stewart

Leanne Rotorua

Kia ora! My name is Leanne Stewart, owner of the Rotorua branch of NumberWorks'nWords. I am of Ngai Tahu, Rangitane and Te Ati Awa descent but grew up in Palmerston North, moving to Hastings for my first teaching job in 1997. In the 23 years since, I have spent time in almost each facet of primary education, having taught Year 2-Year 8, holding roles including classroom teacher, Deputy Principal, and specialist teacher for an ASD student. During this time I completed further education in Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties, and other areas.

Outside of teaching, I have a family of teenagers, and weekends are spent immersed in dance and cricket. I look forward to meeting you for a free assessment to talk about how I can support your child. 

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The tutors at NumberWorks'nWords are patient with all the students that are at different levels of learning.

— T. Fitzell

Leanne is very professional and great with keeping up with the children and teens, and where their learning is at. Her regular feedback is reassuring and helps me to understand areas that need work or areas that my son is doing well in.

— K. Bell

NumberWorks'nWords has been great for my daughter. Her confidence in her writing has improved and she is more engaged in her writing at school. Communication with both the family and the school has been great to ensure that everyone is on the same page with her learning. The tutors ensure that all instructions are well understood and feedback is constructive and positive. Would highly recommend it.

— K. Charity

I would highly recommend NumberWorks'nWords to any parent looking to give their child that little extra help. The learning is structured to the child’s needs and the educators are 100% invested in helping them achieve.

— R. Henry

NumberWorks'nWords has helped improve my daughters confidence in herself and her maths. She loved attending NumberWorks'nWords.

— P. Ruora

NumberWorks'nWords helped my nephew overcome his reading disabilities. My nephew has now been put back up into his age year at school and I have seen a tremendous change in his attitude toward school and his self-esteem. Thank you so much Leanne and the team from Rotorua NumberWorks'nWords.

— J. Vercoe

When my niece came to live with me she was well below her year group at school and hated school, with the help of Leanne and the team at NumberWorks'nWords, my niece is now streaking ahead at school, loves going to school and has become so much more confident at school, the teachers are thrilled at her progress. Thank you, Team.

— W. McBride

NumberWorks'nWords has helped my son gain greater confidence in his reading and writing. He’s developed a better understanding of how he learns, and the classes have reignited his passion for learning. He’s become a happy and confident learner. Thank you!!!

— F. Wilcock

New Zealand term dates 2023

  • Term 1
  • Monday 30th January - Thursday 6th April 
  • Holidays:
  • Monday 6th February - Waitangi Day
  • Friday 7th April - Monday 10th April - Easter 
  • Term 2
  • Monday 24th April - Friday 30th June
  • Holidays:
  • Tuesday 25th April - ANZAC Day
  • Monday 5th June – King's Birthday
  • Friday 14th July - Matariki 
  • Term 3
  • Monday 17th July - Friday 22nd September
  • Term 4
  • Monday 9th October - Friday 15th December
  • Holidays:
  • Monday 23rd October - Labour Day