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If you're searching for maths or English tutoring in Christchurch, come and check out our Cashmere tuition centre. We're part of a network of tutoring centres Christchurch parents review highly.

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256 Barrington St
Christchurch, 8024

We are located in Barrington Mall, upstairs above Snap Fitness at the Barrington St end of the Mall.

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Individual tuition programmes

Our curriculum-linked programmes are designed by experts to deliver the results your child needs (catch-up, extension or exam prep), while also building confidence and increasing love of learning. We teach children aged 5 to 16 and regular reports show how your child is improving. Every student has an individualised programme and works towards agreed personal goals. Results are celebrated.

Maths tutoring

Effective and engaging maths tuition will ensure your child has the numeracy knowledge and thinking skills required for improved maths performance. We help children who struggle with maths, as well as those who are gifted.

English tutoring

Whether your child is a reluctant reader and writer or an aspiring novelist, we can prescribe a needs-based English tuition programme. Our tutoring complements schoolwork and follows the New Zealand curriculum.

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A NumberWorks’nWords assessment for English and/or Maths will provide you with valuable insight into how your child is progressing.

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Meet the Owner: Ivan Leary

Ivan Leary Cashmere

I have been involved with NumberWorks'nWords since 1992, when I started as a tutor! In 1999, I started the Cashmere branch in south Christchurch, where I have stayed for twenty years. It's obvious by my long term commitment to NumberWorks'nWords, that I still absolutely love seeing students develop their maths & English skills, and become more engaged in their learning. I'm proud to have taught thousands of students, and helped them increase their confidence, and love of learning. In some cases, I now have the privilege of teaching the children of some of my original students, from the late 1990's!

I'm always happy to meet with you and discuss your child's educational needs, and to help your child reach their full potential.

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Our children have been attending NumberWorks'nWords for a while now and love it. The teachers are approachable and the teaching is fantastic. Highly recommended for children who need to catch up and those that need extension work.

— K. Collins

My daughter has only been at number works for a few weeks but is already gaining much-needed confidence. She really enjoys her sessions there the staff are awesome and very supportive.

— C. Ericson

Great management and tutors. They helped my children pass all their NCEA maths internals and externals.

— A. Bunzie

Ivan is super helpful and friendly, and the tutors are very good with the kids.

— J. Usaf

I have two daughters aged 8 and 9 who have been doing NumberWorks'nWords for a couple of years. They were already reasonably good at maths but, because of doing the extra maths at NumberWorks'nWords, they are really achieving and as a result feel really confident in class. They have developed a love of maths that they would not have had if they were not doing NumberWorks'nWords. The tutors are really vibrant and motivating and clearly have an invested interest in the student's success. My daughters really look forward to their class each week and I see them continuing it for some time.

— A. Jones

NumberWorks'nWords has been amazing for my son! Ivan and the team quickly worked out what he needed to work on and made the learning so much fun. He wanted to go each day!

— M. Barkley

If your child has problems concentrating in class and lacks confidence in their ability in the classroom, NumberWorks'nWords actually works no end!

— S. Ferris

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the hard work of Elise's Tutor & the wonderful learning environment that Ivan provide. Elise's Teacher commented at her Learning Conference at the end of the term that Elise had showed a marked improvement in her reading and writing skills.

— K. Dasler

My two daughters (years 3 and 4) have been at NumberWorks'nWords for the last couple of years. Prior to NumberWorks'nWords, they were already reasonably good at maths but were starting to lose interest in it as it got harder at school. As a result of NumberWorks'nWords, they now find maths at school enjoyable because they understand it - and they are able to help others in their class who find it more difficult. Achieving at maths is fun, even exciting, and quite empowering for them. They get rewarded and celebrated when they achieve or move levels. The staff at NumberWorks'nWords are really encouraging, and the tutors are young and good academic role models.

— A. Griffin

We have had such a positive experience with NumberWorks'nWords. Our kids love it and their confidence in maths has increased significantly. Ivan is incredible. He has such a wonderful rapport with the kids and his high energy personality is encouraging.

— K. Armstrong

New Zealand term dates 2023

  • Term 1
  • Monday 30th January - Thursday 6th April 
  • Holidays:
  • Monday 6th February - Waitangi Day
  • Friday 7th April - Monday 10th April - Easter 
  • Term 2
  • Monday 24th April - Friday 30th June
  • Holidays:
  • Tuesday 25th April - ANZAC Day
  • Monday 5th June – King's Birthday
  • Friday 14th July - Matariki 
  • Term 3
  • Monday 17th July - Friday 22nd September
  • Term 4
  • Monday 9th October - Friday 15th December
  • Holidays:
  • Monday 23rd October - Labour Day