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If you're searching for a maths or English tutor in Melbourne, come and check out our Glen Waverley tuition centre. We're a long established tuition centre Melbourne parents review highly.

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191 Coleman Parade
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Individual tuition programs

Our curriculum-linked programs are designed by experts to deliver the results your child needs (catch-up, extension or exam prep), while also building confidence and increasing love of learning. We teach children aged 5 to 16 and regular reports show how your child is improving. Every student has an individualised program and works towards agreed personal goals. Results are celebrated.

Maths tutoring

Effective and engaging maths tuition will ensure your child has the numeracy knowledge and thinking skills required for improved maths performance. We help children who struggle with maths, as well as those who are gifted.

English tutoring

Whether your child is a reluctant reader and writer or an aspiring novelist, we can prescribe a needs-based English tuition programme. Our tutoring complements schoolwork and follows the Australian curriculum. 

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A NumberWorks’nWords assessment for English and/or Maths will provide you with valuable insight into how your child is progressing.

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Meet the Owners: Rachael & George Mathews

RachaelGeorge Glen Waverley

Hi, I'm Rachael, and together with George, we are the Owners and Managers of NumberWorks'nWords Glen Waverley. Over the past 15 years, I have worked as a tax instructor and consultant whilst tutoring primary and secondary students. George is a Business Executive in sales and marketing. We have 4 kids from Kindergarten to high school and when we are not working, we enjoy taking our kids for bike riding, playing tennis or the piano.

Come and visit us at our centre, where your child will be engaged in a fun and supportive learning environment. We cater for children of all abilities through our individualised learning plans and expert tutors for both maths & English. We look forward to meeting you and your child.

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Rachel and the tutoring team are excellent. My child has been supported in their maths learning and there has been a huge improvement in their understanding of the fundamental concepts. My child has gone from getting grades in the low 30s at the start of year 10 to mid 80s at the start of year 11, with the help of the team. The cost is very reasonable and the teaching quality is very good. My child is happy to go each week and has a really good understanding of all the curriculum concepts for general maths. We are so happy with the tutoring that when our child needed help with English we engaged the team to help us.

— G. Bergen

Great value. Straight to the core of the problems. Great communication. Good educational results.

— F. Kandakji

I have been sending my son since Grade 1 to NumberWorks'nWords Glen Waverley. Rachael is a warm and friendly person who constantly helps both the parent and kid anytime. She provides regular feedback about the child's learning and improvements. My son's tutor Markus is equally helpful and patient which provides great confidence, especially in maths.

— P. Karolly

After just a few weeks with the program, I could see the amazing difference in Caitlin’s interest in maths, which was almost non-existent – she was just trying to survive in the classroom. Her confidence also increased almost immediately. She was suddenly a girl who wanted to learn about maths and not avoid it. During the first few terms, Caitlin’s results in maths at school improved, and she was moving to new groups and working on more advanced maths processes. Her reports showed the result of the extra effort and tuition.

— S. George

My child enjoys going to NumberWorks'nWords and never complains about going. He always comes out happy after his session. If he needs help with school work, they are happy to help him. He is my third child, with the oldest being 20, have all been to NumberWorks'nWords.

— N. Williams

Racheal goes above and beyond for her students. The commitment to educate and encouragement she gave my son was wonderful. I watched my son's confidence bloom right in front of my eyes. Would highly recommend Racheal's program.

— M. Seviloglou

Great tutors. Very kind, patient, and encouraging. Rachael is very patient and is always interested in the children. The whole team have the ability to engage the children, which creates an environment that makes attending easy for the children.

— J. Riddett

We've been so impressed with the progress our daughter has made in her understanding of maths. NumberWorks’nWords teaches her strategies for critical thinking in a fun and engaging way. So fun in fact, she looks forward to going every week.

— S. Muller

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