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Tailored tuition for students who struggle with numeracy to budding mathematicians, and everyone in between.

About our Maths Tuition

  • Our assessment process identifies strengths, weaknesses and any knowledge gaps. This information helps us develop a personalised tuition plan.
  • Students are involved with goal setting, which helps them to keep their eyes on the prize. We regularly report back to you, so you’ll know how your child is progressing.
  • The content of our Maths tutoring plans follows the school curriculum, so you can be assured that everything learned will be relevant and useful to your child.
  • Specific preparation for upcoming challenges, such as tests and exams, can be integrated with lesson plans. We offer advice that helps with revision plans and homework.
  • We are happy to talk to school teachers about the Maths tutoring programme to be sure that we complement work done at school.
  • We’re fully conversant with the exam systems used across the country.
  • Lessons are enjoyable, because we want children to look forward to after-school tuition.

Maths Tuition with NumberWorks'nWords

Our maths tuition supports students ages 5 - 16 with their education, by personalising learning programmes specifically catering to the individual needs of each student. Our free maths assessments will identify gaps and weaknesses. With this information, our team will develop a personalised learning programme to meet your child’s learning needs.

Our in-centre maths tuition is customised to each child, so whether they are learning basic numeracy, preparing for maths exams, or looking for extension work that challenges them, NumberWorks’nWords can help. Our tuition model caters for 11 levels of the NZ school curriculum, and collectively our centres deliver more than 120,000 lessons every term. 

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NumberWorks'nWords maths tutors aim to boost confidence and maximise students' academic success complimenting the work done at school. Our maths tuition methods are proven to enhance foundational skills and accelerate learning. Tailored lessons target individual needs, bridging gaps and fostering a strong grasp of mathematical concepts. 

NumberWorks'nWords maths tuition utilises computer-based learning with our bespoke software, which we like to think of as a modern-day textbook. This approach allows us to engage students in a familiar way while providing effective educational tools and resources that incorporate traditional learning methods. This ensures a balanced approach that includes a variety of educational techniques to cater to different learning styles and needs.

Visit a nearby NumberWorks'nWords tuition centre to discover our approach to tutoring, which is both enjoyable and effective. Our personalised tutoring consistently leads to improved academic outcomes for our students, who find attending NumberWorks'nWords to be a positive and rewarding experience.

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  • What does a math tutor do?

    Maths tutors help school students across a range of abilities, from those who are eager to accelerate their maths learning, to those who are struggling with maths. Math tutoring with NumberWorks’nWords complements the work done at school, following the school curriculum. Our maths tutors provide tailored tuition that gives children the skills they need to work and reason with numbers. The teaching methods are compatible with those used in the classroom, so that students have consistency with what they learn in class with what they learn with their maths tutor. Tutoring programs are developed to support each student’s learning goals, while teaching new concepts, and revising past work to test retention. NumberWorks'nWords maths tutors work to build confidence and help students achieve their best academic results. Our proven approach to math tutoring helps children to develop foundational skills, and advanced learning, through targeted lessons, that focus on closing gaps and establishing a robust understanding of maths skills, in line with each child's needs.

  • Do math tutors really help?

    Maths tutoring helps students build confidence in maths, and improves their understanding of important mathematical concepts. Our individualised maths tutoring is based on each pupil’s current ability and what their learning goals are. Tutors are subject experts who undergo extensive training in the use of our specialist software and tuition model. We choose to use high performing students because they are very competent in the subject matter, having recently done it themselves, and the children look up to them as role models. Complementary with the school curriculum, you can be assured that everything learned will be relevant and useful to your child. At NumberWorks'nWords we develop a tailored learning program for each student, and support them in unlocking their full potential. We regularly report back to parents so you know how your child is progressing, and can support their learning at home. Specific preparation for upcoming challenges, such as tests and exams, can be integrated with lesson plans, which really helps students succeed at school. We also offer advice that helps with revision plans and homework, and can provide homework for pupils to take home and work on between tutoring sessions.

  • Does tutoring improve grades?

    Students who attend math tutoring with NumberWorks’nWords experience a lift in school grades, improved academic performance, and increased confidence to tackle maths challenges. Our individualised tuition helps students build strong foundation skills and understanding across all areas of maths, so that they approach exam and test revision with a positive attitude and confidence. We offer advice that helps students with their exam revision and homework, which supports students in achieving their best academic results. We work with students and families to ensure that learning programs are aligned with each student’s goals, and work towards improving academic performance, grades, and confidence in young learners. Maths lessons are fun, which means students look forward to after-school tuition, and learning is an enjoyable experience. Our fun approach to learning motivates students' continued efforts towards improving their grades and academic outcomes. Our expert maths tuition builds confidence and changes attitudes towards learning maths - a good attitude towards learning and maths is essential to improving academic results and school grades. A key part of our tuition model is regular progress reporting, to show parents how their children are improving and keep in touch about their children’s grades and progress. Our individually tailored learning programs can be adjusted in line with each child’s progress and learning goals, to ensure they are on track to achieve their best academic outcomes.

  • How long does a maths tutoring session last?

    A tutoring session with NumberWorks’nWords runs for one hour. Most centres begin after school lessons at 3:30pm, but lesson times vary from centre to centre. If your child requires more time with a tutor, they can book back to back sessions in one afternoon, or attend multiple sessions each week. Our personalised approach to tuition means we can offer each student the support they need at times that suit your family, and fit in with extra curricular activities. Our tutoring follows the school curriculum so that what each student learns over the course of a term will be directly aligned with their school work, and is delivered by friendly tutors who are positive role models and relate well to students. Maths tutoring with NumberWorks’nWords is delivered by specialist tutors who are experts in their fields, and can provide 1-1 support for each student. The hour-long sessions fly by, and our students are eager to return to the learning centres each week.

  • What is your curriculum for math tutoring?

    Our maths tuition, for ages 5 - 16 years of age, covers all aspects of the maths curriculum (Number, Patterns and Algebra, Data, Measurement, Space, and Geometry) with a strong emphasis on numeracy strategies. You can be assured that everything learned will be relevant and useful to your child. Each child has their own individualised learning program, based on the outcomes of the comprehensive assessment that we provide at no cost, before tuition begins. The assessment process identifies strengths, weaknesses and any knowledge gaps. This information helps us develop a personalised tuition plan, which we establish in conjunction with the school curriculum, and each child’s learning goals. Math tutoring with NumberWorks’nWords is personalised for each child, and delivered by expert tutors who support the student’s learning goals in an encouraging environment. Throughout the term, previous study areas are re-tested and revised to ensure learning has been retained, and children are on-track with their learning. Some students stay with us for a couple of terms, and others choose to stay longer, setting new goals and striving for further challenges. If a child chooses to stay with us, their learning program is reassessed to ensure they remain on track with their learning goals.

  • What age should you get a tutor?

    Tutoring programs provide help for children who need extra assistance with their learning, and challenges students who require extension to progress at an accelerated rate. There is no one prescribed age to start tutoring for your child. The age a child starts tutoring will depend on their learning needs and progression through their schooling. Some children need extra support early on in their education, while others experience difficulties later in their schooling. On the other side, some students may need extension as soon as they start school, or this may come later, when they develop heightened learning agility and out-pace their peers. When to start tutoring for your child is a family choice, but NumberWorks’nWords can help with this process, through our academic assessment. You can bring your child into a NumberWorks’nWords centre for a comprehensive free assessment that identifies strengths, weaknesses and gaps, that tutoring can help with. There are many reasons why you should consider tutoring for your child, these may include:

    • Your child is falling behind with their school work
    • Your child needs extra support and time with the teacher at school  
    • Your child has a keen interest in a subject area that they want to learn more about 
    • Your child shows indications of needing accelerated learning 
    • Your child is approaching an important test or exam that they need support with 
    • Your child is nervous about school and has low confidence 
    • Your child is a keen learner and wants to extend their education outside of school 

Our Students' Stories

Nadine maths tutoring at NumberWorksnWords

NumberWorks'nWords tutoring works with students encouraging them to aim high

Nadine has been attending NumberWorks’nWords maths and English tutoring since she started school. NumberWorks’nWords worked alongside Nadine on what she was learning at school, improving her understanding, and allowing her to reach her full potential.

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Maths tutoring at NumberWorksnWords

Tutoring helps children reach their full potential in maths and English

David, one of the NumberWorks’nWords parents explains how maths and English tutoring helped his children reach their potential, and how regular feedback was received from NumberWorks’nWords.

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