Learn more about a free introductory lesson

Learn more about a free introductory lesson

What happens during an introductory lesson?

An assessment takes 20-30 minutes. When it is complete we'll discuss the results with you and make recommendations for the next steps. To find out how our tuition works, your child will be able to try out some actual NumberWorks'nWords lessons, supported by one of our tutors. In our experience, it's usually love at first sight! At the same time you will be able to see the centre in action. The entire assessment and familiarisation process takes about an hour.

The best thing about an assessment is that it can identify weaknesses, strengths and knowledge gaps. It also lays the foundation for a tutorial plan that's exactly right for your child.

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Maths & English tutoring for every ability

From students who are struggling to keep up to those bursting to get ahead, our tuition programmes are tailored to meet each individual’s specific needs, build their learning confidence and improve their school results. Get in touch with your local centre to learn more about tutoring with NumberWorks'nWords.

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A NumberWorks’nWords assessment for English and/or maths will provide you with valuable insight into how your child is progressing.

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