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Personalised tuition for students struggling to master English to aspiring English masters, and everyone in between.

About our English Tuition

  • Our English lessons are for children from Year 1 who are beginner readers through to Year 11.
  • The tuition programme we develop for your child will be tailor-made to meet their individual needs identified during the initial assessment.
  • Our English tuition covers reading, comprehension, writing, spelling and grammar.
  • For older students, we offer programmes to develop narrative and essay writing skills including persuasive and expository.
  • We regularly report back to you, so you’ll know how your child is progressing.
  • The content of our English tutoring programmes is linked to the New Zealand curriculum, so you can be certain that everything learned will be relevant and useful.
  • Programmes are always age-appropriate, regardless of the student’s achievement level.
  • Our experienced English tutors use positive reinforcement and rewards to make sure the tutoring experience is enjoyable – fun even!

English Tuition with NumberWorks'nWords

Our English tuition supports students ages 5 - 16 by personalising learning programmes specifically catering to the individual needs of each student. Our free English assessments will identify gaps and weaknesses and highlight areas of opportunity to enable each child to reach their full potential. With this information, our team will develop a personalised learning programme to meet your child’s learning needs.

Our in-centre English tuition is customised to each child, so whether they are learning to read and write, preparing for English exams, or looking for extension work that challenges them, NumberWorks’nWords can help. Our tuition model caters for 11 levels of the school curriculum, and collectively our centres deliver more than 120,000 lessons every term.

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Designed for Primary to Secondary Students

Our English tutors are specially trained and are experts in their subjects. English tutors at NumberWorks’nWords are typically high school or university students who have recently completed their schooling. They gain rapport with our students as they are close in age, and act as role models for our pupils.

English tutoring with NumberWorks’nWords improves school results and boosts confidence, through a personalised approach to tuition which caters to students of all abilities and complements the work that students do at school.

At NumberWorks'nWords tuition, we utilise computer-based learning with our bespoke software, which we like to think of as a modern-day textbook. This approach allows us to engage students in a familiar way while providing effective educational tools and resources that incorporate traditional learning methods. This ensures a balanced approach that includes a variety of educational techniques to cater to different learning styles and needs.

Visit a nearby NumberWorks'nWords tuition centre to discover our approach to tutoring, which is both enjoyable and effective. Our personalised tutoring consistently leads to improved academic outcomes for our students, who find attending NumberWorks'nWords to be a positive and rewarding experience.

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  • What does an English tutor do?

    Our English tutors help students develop their literacy skills, whether they need extension or extra support. Reading and writing are crucial life skills, and are fundamental to learning, beyond English. Our English tutors support students through tailored teaching and success-based learning.

    English tutors help to accelerate learning for those who are eager to advance their English skills and provide guidance and one-on-one tutoring for students who are struggling or lack confidence. Our experienced English tutors use positive reinforcement and rewards to make sure that the tutoring experience is enjoyable, and that children are motivated to keep learning.

    Our interactive computer-based tutoring is guided by our specialist tutors who are experts in their subjects and act as positive role models for our students. English tutoring with NumberWorks’nWords follows the school curriculum and supports each student’s learning goals while teaching new concepts and revising past work to test retention. 

  • Does English tutoring help?

    English tutoring helps students to build confidence in literacy and improves young learners' understanding of important concepts. Our English tuition covers reading, comprehension, writing, spelling, and grammar, and helps children build confidence.

    With input from you and your child, we set achievable goals, which assist in building confidence and momentum to continue learning. Our English tutoring helps older students to develop narrative and essay writing skills, including persuasive and expository writing. Specific preparation for upcoming tests and exams can be integrated with lesson plans, which helps students succeed at school and lift their grades.

    To support student progression outside of tutoring sessions, we can provide homework and revision for pupils to take home to expand on what they are learning in the centre and at school. English tutoring is as beneficial for advanced learners as it is for those who need extra support or help to catch up. What is consistent across our individually tailored tutoring is that it helps students build confidence and achieve their best results.

  • How long do English tutoring sessions last?

    An English tutoring session with NumberWorks’nWords runs for one hour. Most centres begin after-school lessons at 3:30pm, but lesson times vary from centre to centre. If your child requires more time with a tutor, they can book back-to-back sessions in one afternoon, or attend multiple sessions per week. Most centres run three sessions each day after school - get in touch with your local centre to learn more about class times.

    Our individualised approach to tuition means we can offer each student the support they need at times that fit in with extracurricular activities and other commitments. English tutoring with NumberWorks’nWords is delivered by expert tutors who are specialists in their field and can provide 1-1 support for each student. The hour-long sessions fly by, and our students are eager to return to the learning centres each week.

  • Does English tutoring improve grades?

    Students who attend English tutoring with NumberWorks’nWords experience a lift in school grades and increased confidence to take on academic challenges. Our specialised English tuition improves academic performance and results and is enjoyable, so students are eager to learn and continue working towards their goals.

    Our personalised English tuition helps students prepare for specific exams and assessments, which can be integrated with lesson plans. Our specialist tutors also offer advice and guidance that helps students with their exam revision and homework, to support them in achieving their best academic results. Our team works closely with families to ensure that each student is provided with a learning programme that is tailored to their individual learning goals.

    English tutoring with NumberWorks’nWords helps students work towards improving their academic performance, grades, and confidence, in a supportive environment that celebrates success and milestones. Our tailored learning programmes can be adjusted in line with each child’s progress, to ensure they are on track to achieve their best academic outcomes.

  • What is your curriculum for English tutoring?

    Our English tuition caters for beginning readers and continues through to Year 10. It gives your child skills for success in reading, comprehension, writing, grammar, and spelling. Narrative and essay writing skills are incorporated into the programme for older students.

    The content of our English tutoring programmes follows the school curriculum, so you can be sure that everything learned will support your child’s school work and build on relevant topics. Each child has their own individualised learning programme based on the outcomes of the comprehensive English assessment, which takes place before tutoring begins. The English assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses, which helps us to develop a personalised English tuition programme.

    We establish each child’s learning plan in conjunction with their school curriculum and the student’s learning goals. The comprehensive assessment also helps us understand each child’s current abilities and learning style, which enables us to match them with a learning aptitude level and tutor. Our English tutors work to build confidence and help students achieve their best academic results, in line with their school curriculum.

    Our proven approach to English tutoring helps children to develop foundational skills and advanced learning, through targeted lessons that focus on closing gaps and establishing a robust understanding of literacy skills. Throughout the term, past topics are revised and tested to ensure learning has been retained and children are on track with their education.

Our Students' Stories

Nadine maths tutoring at NumberWorksnWords

NumberWorks'nWords tutoring works with students encouraging them to aim high

Nadine has been attending NumberWorks’nWords maths and English tutoring since she started school. NumberWorks’nWords worked alongside Nadine on what she was learning at school, improving her understanding, and allowing her to reach her full potential.

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Maths tutoring at NumberWorksnWords

Tutoring helps children reach their full potential in maths and English

David, one of the NumberWorks’nWords parents explains how maths and English tutoring helped his children reach their potential, and how regular feedback was received from NumberWorks’nWords.

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