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New Year resolution setting with children

Every year, people all over the world make resolutions for the new year. Some of these resolutions are to lose weight, learn a new skill, save money or go on a diet. But what about children? How can we help them create and stick to their New Year's goals? Resolutions encourage children to take responsibility for their actions, through giving them autonomy in their choices and reinforcing that small actions can work towards achievement of a bigger goal. There are some ways that parents can give their children the best chance at creating resolutions they’re excited about and sticking with them;  through realistic goal setting, creating games around their resolution setting, making up vision boards, and creating rewards for when they reach those goals.

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Holiday learning at home

Holiday learning is about having family fun and enjoying the break. These activities are not necessarily your typical educational activities. Instead, they are skills that get your child problem-solving, thinking critically and doing so without being in a familiar learning environment. Let your holiday plans guide what activities you get the children involved in. It's important to choose fun, educational Christmas break activities that fit your child's interests. Here we have compiled a list of ventures that will encourage your child to have fun and gain confidence while learning new skills.

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4 fun ways to celebrate success with children

In busy school and home environments, it's easy to forget to celebrate your child’s smaller milestones, as we get caught up in everyday life or the goals that lie ahead. However, celebrating children’s achievements (small or large) is important, as it boosts confidence and sets them up for more success. Here are some fun ways to celebrate success with children you can incorporate into everyday life, to help build a sense of accomplishment.

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Celebrating academic success

Celebrating academic success is such a pivotal part of children's learning! It helps them to develop a success mindset, share in each other's success, creates positive associations around learning and builds up learning motivation and confidence. All too often we tend to focus on what’s not working or is needing to be changed and forget to purposefully stop and celebrate. However, reviewing progress and celebrating little steps can be a great way to encourage young learners.

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4 ways to use positive reinforcements for motivating children

Positive reinforcements can be an effective method for intrinsically motivating children to learn. There are different types of reinforcement, such as positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, and punishment. Parents and teachers often see fast results using positive reinforcement, as students are more likely to repeat a rewarded behaviour than stop a punished one when used correctly. Positive reinforcements can include non-verbal cues, verbal praise, tangible rewards, activities and group awards. Using these methods can result in the desired response becoming habitual very quickly!

Read on to learn about the most beneficial positive reinforcements for motivating learners.

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