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Is the education system letting your child down?

If the Australian education system received a report card, it would say ‘could do better’. The OECD Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) is ranking Australia 14th, behind New Zealand and several third world countries, including Vietnam and Estonia . This drop in rankings is being blamed on a variety of failings, both systematic and cultural. While the government is slowly moving towards resolving these issues, if your child is in the schooling system now, it’s possible they’re falling behind their peers internationally. Education is critically important to ensure the very best opportunities for further education and future success in competitive job markets .

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Child Studying

Make Study Effective

With the recent interest in the brain and how it works, some new suggestions have come forward for better, more effective study. And some of them are in complete opposition to the study advice that has been given for a long time – advice that I have given to many a student over the years.

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Is tutoring right for my child?

With the introduction of achievement standards, continuous assessment and higher entry requirements for tertiary courses, parents are focusing more and more on their child’s academic performance at school. A generation ago most parents just let the school get on with it, but today they’re a lot more involved and naturally concerned about how to bring out the best in their child, whatever that may be.

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digital learning technology will technology transform digital learning next decades

The power of digital learning

Digital learning refers to learning that’s assisted by computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Over the last 10 years, their contribution to education has grown significantly. How, where and when children learn today is very different from what you experienced at school.

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Big Vocab, Better Stories

Lots of parents ask what they can do to help with their child’s English development, particularly their story writing. Consider this - If you want to build a fabulous house, you need fabulous materials. If you want to write a wonderful story you need wonderful words - and lots of them. In short, they need an extensive vocabulary

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