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Games that help consolidate maths skills

NumberWorksnWords Fun Learning Maths Games Skills

Maths is everywhere. From cooking and shopping to planning a holiday, we may not be conscious of it, but we use maths daily. As adults, we know that maths is not every child’s strong suit so it can often be a struggle to get children to enjoy and practise it. One of the best ways to encourage children to learn maths is by making it enjoyable, and that is exactly what maths games are for! Nothing beats fun maths games that help teach and consolidate maths skills. Read on to discover 3 entertaining maths games you can try at home with your child!

1. Playing Cards

Playing card games can help children build number confidence, encourage critical thinking, and teaches them about strategy. Depending on the card game, it may allow children to learn new strategies for storing and retrieving information, identifying patterns, sequencing, and sorting. Cards also encourage quick thinking skills, especially by teaching children to speed up their maths thinking brain, which is a key skill to acquire for academic tests and exams. If your child is a reluctant maths learner, card games may be a helpful way of changing their perception of learning numeracy. When we give children the opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time, it takes away any fears they have and builds confidence in their abilities. Some examples of fun card games include Snap, Go Fish, Solitaire, and many more!

2. Monopoly board game

Believe it or not, this iconic family favourite is full of maths lessons. Not only does it teach children how to add and subtract through using fake money to purchase imaginary properties, but it also teaches them about the basics of money, spending, and saving. If your child hasn’t been exposed to money basics, monopoly is a fun way to get them to learn and practise how money works. You can purchase a Monopoly board game from your local mall or an online store. If your child or family are out of ideas on what to do on a rainy day or during the school holidays, get the family together and play a competitive game of Monopoly!

3. NumberWorks’nWords Arcade

As we now live in a digital world where technology and devices have become the norm, it is nearly impossible to keep our children away from computer and tablet screens. As parents, we can take advantage of this and help our children learn, practise, and develop essential skills through the use of technology. For instance, the internet is a phenomenal tool that allows children access to educational videos and online games such as the NumberWorks'nWords Arcade. The NumberWorks'nWords Arcade is a gallery of fun games for practising and consolidating maths and English skills. It helps to reinforce the concepts that are taught in our after-school tuition programmes, and makes learning fun, from the comfort of your own home.

Creating positive memories through fun maths games helps children build confidence and develop a positive attitude towards maths and learning. This helps to set children up for a successful academic future. If you are looking for another fun solution to improve your child’s confidence and academic skills, look no further than NumberWorks’nWords after-school maths and English tuition. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your child build confidence, by contacting your local centre or book a free assessment today!

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