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Maths Games for Kids

Discover how the NumberWorks'nWords Arcade seamlessly integrates entertainment and education, turning maths into an enjoyable adventure. Explore gamification's power in motivating children and building a strong foundation for future learning. Dive into the cultivation of critical thinking and problem-solving skills and witness the impact of technology on education. Join us in embracing collaborative and interactive learning, recognising the vital role of parental involvement. 

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The Importance of maths for young learners


Maths is an important part of learning for children throughout their early years and schooling. Developing a good grounding in maths is an essential life skill, and it helps children make sense of numbers, patterns and shapes. In addition to numeracy, maths builds upon vital skills such as problem solving and critical thinking. Building upon these skills may uncover newfound passions for maths, which could lead to educational or career pathways with mathematics. This blog explores the importance of maths for young learners and why you should help your child master numeracy skills early.

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How Pocket Money Teaches Money Management Skills

Do your children receive pocket money? We believe pocket money should begin as soon as children start developing number skills – even if it’s just a couple of dollars a week. It’s never too soon to teach children how to handle and manage money.

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Benefits of STEM education for girls

There are no gender specifications when it comes to STEM education. In fact, there is a misconception around stereotypes and cultural norms, which can dampen girls’ interest in STEM pathways. If you have a young daughter, you may have been exposed to the industry-driven demand for more female roles and minorities in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM). STEM education has many benefits for girls, from building confidence in their STEM skills and abilities, to developing problem-solving and thinking skills. Read on to discover three benefits of STEM education for girls.

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In-demand careers for maths enthusiasts

From the moment our children start school, maths becomes an important part of their learning journey. Not every child will share the same passion or interest for maths, but those who can call themselves maths enthusiasts have endless career opportunities available for them to pursue.  From science and technology to finance, it is important that we educate our children on the different career pathways they can take and how valuable maths can be. This blog explores 4 in-demand careers for maths enthusiasts. 


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