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How you can help improve your child’s reading skills

Reading can be difficult for several reasons, including the complexity of the text, unfamiliar vocabulary and lack of interest or motivation.

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Benefits of reading aloud to children

Reading aloud to children has many advantages, such as developing language skills, parent-child bonding, and entertainment. In addition, it's a great excuse to spend time together that both of you can enjoy. Here are some of the top benefits children gain from being read aloud to.

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Reading at home

Literacy is the cornerstone of child development. It is an essential part of children’s learning and is the foundation for succeeding in school. Ensuring that all young children have the ability to read and write will ultimately have flow on effects for achievement across all school subjects. As parents, it is important that we support our children’s learning from the moment they step foot in a classroom to the very end of their academic journey. There are several ways we can help and encourage our children to master their literacy skills by reading at home. Read on to discover more!

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Career pathways with English

From the moment our children begin their learning journey, they are taught how to read, write, and speak English. As part of the school curriculum, English covers a wide range of topics and it generally involves critical thinking, creativity, and communication. Those who express an interest in studying and learning English have a diverse range of professional fields available to them in almost every corner of the world! Career pathways include, teaching, journalism, writing, or film production - the list goes on. Read on to discover 4 interesting careers for English and literature enthusiasts. 

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English skills for bright futures


English is an essential skill required at school and in the working world, as it is entwined in our daily lives. We use and speak English on a daily basis, whether it’s communicating or interacting with others, writing, influencing or persuading, reading, self-expression, or for entertainment. As your child grows up and begins their working life, they will learn that their first jobs or part-time work will require basic English skills, which is why it is important to learn and master English from a young age. Read on to discover the 4 core English skills that can help set your child up for success and a bright future.

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