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Best online resources for kids

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Today’s young learners are growing up with boundless opportunities to discover the world around them, online. For the generation dubbed ‘digital natives’, there’s no surprise that they will be more resourceful than ever, when it comes to finding information and applying it to their classroom learning and beyond. However with a range of sources to access with the click of a mouse, how do we guide them to focus their energy and attention on resources that are practical and high quality?

With so much choice comes the question of what’s right for your child. Here are 6 of the best online resources for children, that not only provide informed and engaging content for young students, but also offer handy resources for structured learning that can be guided from home.

1. Khan Academy - indisputably one of the most comprehensive educational resources in the world, the online platform provides free content that children as young as preschool through to final years of high school can learn from. Children have the option to follow interactive topics like how the solar system works, and there’s also video lectures that parents can use as a guide before passing on some handy maths tips to their children.

2. BrainPop Jr - this playful site caters to children from preschool to third grade. Subject topics include health, art and technology, science and of course, English and Math. The site offers interactive videos, quizzes, physical activities and even jokes on the subject!

3. Exploratorium - originally the brainchild of Frank Oppenheimer who was a professor, a high school teacher, a cattle rancher, and an experimental physicist, today the online site of the iconic museum provides digital teaching toolkits such as ‘is there life on Mars’ and ‘science snacks’. For high school students, dominoes can be used to show the signal transmission in a neuron, or eggs can be part of an experiment for how they react in different fluids.

4. TedEd - a library of recorded talks and presentations to spark the creativity of learners. Not only can you create customized sessions for your child, but you can also encourage your avid learner to prepare their own talk and present their big idea to the world. You’ll see there’s a section for students, for teachers and for parents. Series include ‘Awesome Nature’, ‘The World’s People and Places’, ‘Getting Under Our Skin’ and ‘Our Changing Climate’.

5. National Geographic Kids - Most parents would have grown up with National Geographic’s famous documentary series about the natural world. With technology now at children’s fingertips, the website now features fascinating activity ideas and awe-inspiring facts through its kids club, games and competitions. In the Primary Resources section, there’s a chance to learn all about Ancient Egyptian life and to answer burning questions like, ‘What did Egyptian doctors use to treat patients? What pharaohs used to make fake beards? How many hieroglyphs were used in the Egyptian alphabet? How much does the Great Pyramid of Giza weigh?’

6. Mystery Science - this colourful website is a vibrant way to hook preschool to Grade 5 learners with fun insights, from why are polar bears white, to how are pencils made. Each topic has the associated learning grade and focus area, with thousands of reviews to guide you on how engaged students were and what they loved most about the online class. It’s created specifically for distance learning with readings, activities and assessments just a click away.

By curating engaging moments of learning for your child, their relationship with study and homework can also improve if not positive already. Enjoyable learning of English and maths that puts the fun back in study, can form foundational skills that build confidence and propel their curiosity and willingness to explore a range of subjects beyond literacy and numeracy development.

Tuition with NumberWorks’nWords helps kids develop their numeracy and literacy skills, while building confidence. Our comprehensive free assessments uncover strengths and development opportunities in young learners, which guide us in creating personalised learning programs for each child. If you would like to learn more about how NumberWorks’nWords can help your children, get in touch with your local centre, or book a free assessment today!

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